Luke 8:23-25

I so so often find myself rolling my eyes at Jesus’ disciples as they have witnessed Him /raise the dead/, give sight to the blind, heal major sicknesses, etc…. and yet they don’t realize Who is in their midst. They don’t know who is in their boat. Their memories fail them in the face of the terrible storm. 

So I find myself rolling my eyes. Come ON. Don’t you remember what Jesus has done in front of your very face?! 

And then… He gently reminds me:

I am the exact same way. 

How many times have I witnessed my Jesus’ miraculous healing?? His working in situations that had no resolution apart from Him? His restoration, His provision, His grace and mercy and LOVE? How many mountains have I seen Him move for me and for others? 

And yet I do The Same Exact Thing as His disciples. When the storm rages, when it threatens to capsize my boat, I go, “Jesus, where ARE you in this?? Why are you sleeping? This storm is about to kill us all and you’re taking a nap, and I Don’t Understand.” 

Suddenly, having read this in a new light, having seen myself in this oh-so-familiar true story… I’m not rolling my eyes at these guys anymore. I get it. I know where they are coming from.