Unless it’s storming really bad, if I have the choice between stopping in the car to get the mail or walking down our driveway to get it, I nearly always will choose to walk. I love walking down the driveway to get the mail. I love walking out there when it’s the first day I can go without a jacket each spring, and I love it when it’s the first day that I actually need one again in the fall. It is so beautiful to walk along the driveway and smell the rose of sharon bushes on either side as I walk to the road and back. It is just something nice and relaxing… don’t rush it, just take your time. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation all around. I love to see the butterflies and the leaves… tomatoes and strawberries in the garden, a wildflower along the road… I love it when you can feel the breeze… Take the time to enjoy what God has given us. He’s chosen to bless us with it. Let Him know that you love and enjoy it.