The president of mtv was recently quote as saying “We don’t entertain your children. We OWN your children.” There’s something so wrong with the world we’re living in… It is so heartbreaking. Kids ~ and adults, too, for that matter ~ will listen to anybody… just to have something to believe in. A girl who’s waited all her life just wanting somebody to tell her she is beautiful. Anybody just wanting to hear that they are good enough. They’ll go to such great lengths to be a people-pleaser, tearing up their bodies or giving themselves away or doing anything they think will fulfill what they need.

You don’t need to please others though. God loves you just the way you are. He made you beautiful, He made you good enough, He made you exactly the way He wants you.

It is a popular thought that to come to God you’ve got to change whatever you’re doing, make yourself clean… but that is wrong. God wants us all to just come as we are. He wants to make a miracle of your life, He will change you from the inside out. It is so beautiful what He loves to do with our lives when we just come to Him and give our hearts to Him.

We can’t listen to what the media tries to convince the world of. We need to just listen to God and choose to believe Him. Listen and believe as He says to you, “You are beautiful.”

Be broken and surrendered to Him. That is more beautiful than anything else we can ever do.