As I write, I am sitting here listening to a new (as in the last couple of months…) band called Pink House. They’re playing “Blessed Be Your Name” at the moment, practicing right behind me. Okay, so they are only ages 10, 12, and 13…. but they’re really great. I am going to be making a website for them for my final project for my internet development class this semester, so the link will be going up on here when I get to that point. Anyway, I love their joy. The joy in their music.. It is so great. So fun. So… yeah, they are a good new band. You’d not guess their ages just from hearing them! 🙂

They are, at this point, doing a lot of covering of songs. They’re doing “Blessed Be Your Name” by Matt Redman, some Todd Proctor songs, “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline (only… they changed it. They made their own version of it called “Pink, Pink House”)…. and they are also actually writing some of their own songs. There’s one in particular that I love. It has some of the best lyrics, and it is just really good. And “Blessed Be Your Name”… well, that is their classic song. The one they started with, practicing while I was in Nicaragua. I never heard them until Awana camp. Then they played it in church too.

So… watch for Pink House…. 🙂 You know, they remind me of this verse that says not to let anyone ever look down on you because you’re young, but to instead be an example to the world in how you live and talk… in your purity and in your love. (1 Timothy 4:12) I love that verse. So many people think that kids can’t live up to their expectations. But they don’t have to. They need to be an example. Be a good role model. Live so that people can look up to you ~ whether they are older or younger than you. That is my goal. I want my life to be worth looking up to.