I took this picture at our Awana registration bonfire about a month ago… (and then I had some fun with our new photo editor, aging it and all…) This is Megan (2 1/2 years old), holding her dog she’s affectionately named Old Yeller.

Megan and I were standing by the door last Wednesday, watching the lightning and listening to the thunder. We were talking about the storm, and she was talking about as fast as she could. She is so hilarious, the way she talks so animatedly. 🙂 She is sweet too. And then we started talking about her dogs…Megan is crazy about dogs, but she only has her stuffed animal dogs right now because of where they live in town; it isn’t a good place to have a dog since they live on the main road through town. Anyway, we were talking about her dogs, and then Megan told me “When my daddy was a little girl, he had a dog named Jack.” She was so serious. 🙂 She is such a fun little girl.

Megan is in my 2-year-old class… at MOPS, and when I fill in for Sunday school teachers.

Anyway, I guess all of that had nothing to do with anything, but I had to share it. Just one of those little fun things… I have lots of stories of the kids Megan’s age. 🙂

Like when I told Reagan I liked her shoes, that they were really cute, and she said, “Thanks. I got them at Target,” so grown-up-like. 🙂

Or when Jenna got a lollipop stuck in her hair and she cried… not because it was stuck in her hair, but because she wanted to eat it and couldn’t because it was on the back of her head.

Or when Aubrey’s mom came to pick her up and Aubrey immediately exclaimed, “I had fun, Mommy!”

Or when we talked about Moses and the burning bush at MOPS one Tuesday and then I was in with the 2-year-olds for Sunday school the following weekend and our burning bush poster was still up on the wall; we were supposed to be talking about John the Baptist for our Sunday school lesson that day, but when the kids began telling me all about Moses and the bush, we went with Moses for our lesson instead. Why not go with what their attention was already on? I loved how they answered all my questions and pretty much told me what happened with Moses at the burning bush. I know a lot of Sunday school teachers who would have tried to get their attention switched over to John the Baptist for the lesson… and I’m not saying that is wrong and what I did was right. But I chose to just go with Moses over John. I wanted to make the most of their memories from MOPS about the burning bush, and I wanted to encourage them to listen, remember, and retell the lessons.

So yeah, I have lots of stories about the young kids. (Lots about some of the older ones too!) They are so sweet, and so good. And so fun. 🙂