I so love this song by Monk & Neagle. Yeah, okay, so it’s a “love song”… See, what I love about it is the picture they paint through it. They wrote this song for their wives, just about how much they love them…

“have i told you lately
how much i think about you
the way you laugh, the way you love
the way i feel around you
the stars would fall for you
and i would die for you
have i told you lately
how much i dream about you
the way your eyes dance in the sun
the way the heavens wrap around you
and i would walk the world
to prove that i am yours
you’re my angel, you’re my queen
and i will give you everything
i’m crazy, i’m crazy
i’ve been around the world to see
that you’re the only girl for me
i’m crazy, for you i’m crazy
have i told you lately
how much you mean to me
every word from your mouth
is like a drop of honey
the stars would fall for you
and i would die for you

i can barely breathe when i’m without you
i honestly believe i might die without you
you’re the rhythm that my heart beats to
and i’ll do anything because i love you
girl i love you”
~ “stars would fall (i’m crazy)”… monk & neagle

It is such a tenderly written song, so full of love. That is what I want… not someone to write a song for me like this, but if I eventually ever get married, I want to be so in love like in this song. To have a guy choose to love me like these guys love their wives, the way they have described in their sweet song, is true Love. To have him singing this song in his heart is so beautiful. The simplicity of it… the honesty of it…

Maybe it sounds selfish of me to say that I would want this… but I really don’t think so. True Love is unselfish, and I would want to be Loved unselfishly like Monk & Neagle describe in this song. I would want to Love unselfishly also. They sing that they would do anything for their wives, and really, I think that is the way it should be. There needs to be a mutual Love like this. Like doing anything to help the other person be more of who God wants them to be. I don’t want everything, I don’t want somebody to give me everything… but it is the heart attitude of that that needs to be present. It is so crucial. I think one reason why so many marriages end these days is that people are so selfish.

Someday I want to hear Monk & Neagle sing this song live….

I put this on here today, not because I am aching for a “boyfriend” ~ because I’m not. But I wanted to share this song that I love, as well as my desire that “when I fall in love, it will be forever”… as Nat King Cole sings. 🙂 “Love” is so superficial in the eyes of the world today… but that is not really Love. True Love is a choice. It is choosing to Love, even when the feeling might not be there.

Snow White sings “someday my prince will come…” For me? Maybe.. We’ll see what God has planned. If it is not forever though, then it is not at all. I know that much.

“However, as it is written:
‘No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared
for those who love him’…”
~ 1 Corinthians 2:9