I was watching “Mary Poppins” the other night…. I have always loved that movie, but somehow, when I watch movies now, even though I know the movie by heart, it seems like I get more out of it now. I could sing along and quote pretty much the whole movie, but watching movies now, the messages of them really get to me. They stick in my heart and I really think about them a lot more than I’m sure I ever used to.

So in watching Mary Poppins, I began to think about the message of the movie. It has such a strong family message. Mary Poppins comes to make the Banks family a real family… to bond them together.

And she makes everything fun. Now, I know life is not about having fun. But at the same time, the point is not to make everything dull and lifeless. My point of view on it is basically the same as Mary Poppins’ view… she never actually comes right out and says it, but if you listen to the words as she sings or speaks… it is there just the same. There is always something to be thankful for. There is always something to smile at. There is always something to be glad about. When Mary Poppins comes to the Banks’ home to be the children’s nanny, she brought with her a joyful smile. She taught the kids how to make an everyday chore something fun. “In every task that must be done, there is an element of fun…” If we choose to look and find that fun, then we’ll find it. But if we just sit there and complain, then we’re missing out on so much. “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…”

When we look for something to be glad about or thankful for, we will find it. Watch “Pollyanna”… she’s the same way. 🙂 Paul says in Philippians to rejoice in the Lord always. (Philippians 4:4) He says to think about the beautiful things. The things that are true and noble and right. Think lovely thoughts… (Philippians 4:8) When we focus on the good, we will find something to be thankful for. Finding our joy in God, where it truly is, is the only way we can really be joyful. Let God’s joy be your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

You know… as I sat there watching “Mary Poppins” the other night, my family was gone. They went camping in Indiana, but I had some major biology homework to finish up, and I had the beginnings of a cold. So I stayed home. I worked on my biology all day Saturday. It is so easy to complain about that. But hey, I got a 94% on my test, and 100% on the rest of last week’s homework! So I finished my biology… I watched “Mary Poppins” — by myself. Who likes to watch movies by themself?? Honestly, I really don’t. But it was a nice little spoon full of sugar after a day full of biology. I can’t complain. I am so blessed. I enjoyed my movie… even by myself. I got out some cheez-its and milk, and sat and watched my movie.

Be glad. Make your life fun. Don’t make it revolve around fun, but just have some fun with the everyday chores and tasks that you have to do. Be joyful. Rejoice in the Lord… always. There is something to be glad about. Always.

And there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.