“i’ve been here a thousand times before
face down on the floor
wondering how i even reached this place again
but You have shown so endlessly
how Your love pours over me
no picture can re-create the beauty that I see

show me what it means
to live my life a sacrifice
if only i would realize
how much it took to pay the price
i know i’d always give
everything to You

i want this world to see
Your perfect majesty
reflecting from my life this brilliant poetry
written all over this place
the signs of all creation that You breathed
words can’t even state how much You mean to me

i want to face my very crime
of not giving all of mine
but i can feel the hope You bring to me…”

~ “what it means”… jeremy camp

I need to live my life as a sacrifice to my Savior. We are called to be living sacrifices. Romans 12:1-2. A topic that keeps coming up lately is really living and sharing what we believe. A friend and I were talking about it the other day at school, and then we continued our conversation on it the next day when the same subject came up in a Bible study we were doing. It is so important. People do not want to be a part of something that is just a bunch of hypocrites. They want to see the realness of our faith. Yeah, so I keep writing about this subject… but it is so important. It is a very crucial aspect of our faith. If we do not live so that people can see Jesus in us, then so many of them will never know Him. “We might be the only ‘Jesus’ some people ever see.” I need to let Jesus be reflected in my life, so that everything I do really shows how much He means to me. I need to be active in sharing my faith and not just be content in letting it be known that I am a Christian. I need to go and share it. Matthew 28:18-20. Whatever it means for my life, I need to share, and I need to be a living sacrifice. I need to put sharing my faith over my own comfort. Trust me, there have been so many times when I have been uncomfortable in situations I have been in… but those are the times when we grow. How can I grow if I stay only where I am comfortable and cozy? And how will others see my willingness to go out and get dirty, making myself on an equal level with people who have less than I do if I don’t get out of my comfort zone?

This really is not very organized as far as my thoughts on it go… but it is just something that has been surfacing and resurfacing lately. It is a passion of mine that I want to keep strong and grow even stronger. I have to live what I believe. That is just the way it is.