“i am sure all of heaven’s heard me cry
as i tell You all the reasons why
this life is just too hard
but day by day
without fail
i’m finding everything i need
and everything that You are
to me

every time i breathe You seem a little bit closer
i never want to leave
i want to stay in Your warm embrace
oh basking in the glory shining from Your face
and every time i get another glimpse of Your heart
i realize it’s true
that You are so marvelous God
and i am so in love with You

now how could i after knowing One so great
respond to You in any way
that’s less than all i have to give
but by Your grace i want to love You not with what I say
but every day
in a way that my life is lived

wrapped in Your mercy i want to live and never leave
i am held by how humble
yet overwhelmed by Your majesty
captured by grace and now i’m finding i am free
You are marvelous God
and knowing You is everything”

~ “every time i breathe”.. by big daddy weave..

Every time I hear this song.. oh my goodness.. it has to be one of my favorites ever. 🙂 It’s amazing.

No matter what we go through, even when we think life is so unfair and just too hard, God is here.. He is everything we need, and He will show it to us through our experiences if we’ll just let Him. I guess I could sit here and complain that I feel so overloaded in one of my classes, or I could complain that life is hard. Hey, God never promised us that life would be easy or that everything would work out the way we plan it. He never promised me I’d never lose a friend, or that people would always agree with me and respect me. Throughout everything I go through.. I am so constantly seeing God’s fingerprints. He is showing me His beauty and Love through it all.

So maybe it isn’t always easy, but really, knowing how great is our God and knowing Him personally, how can I respond in any way other than giving Him all of myself? My every breath belongs to Him.. and He’s the only reason I have any breath at all. “.. by Your grace I want to Love You not with what I say, but every day in the way my life is lived..” Yes – I want to Love my Jesus with what I say. But words without actions are meaningless, and that is what this is talking about… My actions have to prove that what I say is true. Actions speak louder than words. If I say one thing and do another, you’re going to believe my actions rather than my speech. So let my life speak of how great He is.

Pretty much this song just speaks for itself. But I had to share it, and I had to expand on a little, sharing my thoughts and just what this song says to me. “You are marvelous, God, and knowing You is everything.” What can I add to that? It is such truth. Such an attitude of humble worship. I am absolutely nothing without God. He’s my everything. It is so important to not only remember that, but to also live my entire life, my every moment, letting my complete dependence on Him shape my actions and my words. Let my Love for Him show. When I am completely overwhelmed with being in Love with Him, it is going to shine in my life.