“this morning it was a fight to get up
those words still ringing in my head
never felt like such a fool in front of anyone
i guess that’s what you do when you love someone

i was in nashville, you were driving home
i wish i’d been in the passenger seat
i just needed you to know i’m coming undone
that’s what you do when you love someone

if i fall
i’ll try a little harder and get back up
please stay by me, love
that’s what you do when you love someone

just give me time, if you need more
there’s no way to ever really know
how to protect yourself or predict the outcome
but you’ll do anything when you love someone

i just hung up the phone
you’ve got a way of changing my day
you proved me wrong
when i was convinced i was alone
yeah, that’s what you do when you love someone”

~ “when you love someone”.. by bethany dillon

So this is not the typical sort of song that one can usually expect to find in my posts… It’s so lovely, though. And it has a message that deserves and needs to be shared. [And I should add here that if you’ve not heard Bethany’s latest cd, “Waking Up,” you need to get it very soon.. it is amazing.]

When we love someone, we are willing to make sacrifices. It becomes clear to us, maybe more than ever before, that we cannot have everything our own way. Loving someone means putting them and their desires ahead of our ourselves and our own desires. I am going to even go so far as to say that loving someone — truly loving them — means learning to desire the same things as them. I don’t mean that we have to enjoy all the same activities or whatever else, but loving means desiring for them to be happy. Truly loving someone means that we’ll set aside what we might normally choose in order that they can have their choice.

Another characteristic of really loving someone is that we are going to love them no matter what. True love says that even when we mess up, we are still loved. To love someone like that is the most perfect kind of love, just like God loves us. Loving someone and loving what they do are two completely different things, and loving someone does not mean we love what they do.

Loving someone.. means sticking around throughout every kind of situation. When times are hard, we are there to encourage and listen, to go through it with them, maybe even cry with them. In the joyful times, it means we are there to share in that joy and in the smiles. It means being committed and staying by their side even when it might not be an “ideal” situation. Most of the world would just give up and walk away, but that is not true love. It is not love at all. Others might not understand.. they might even look down on us for staying. But loving someone means “looking up while the world looks on.” It means trusting God that He will take care of us always.

When you love someone.. you’re willing to go to some great lengths to let them know it and to remind them of it.

“There’s no way to ever really know how to protect yourself or predict the outcome, but you’ll do anything when you love someone…” — When you love someone, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone. Love takes risks, and it takes knowing that you might get hurt. If there is no risk, though, no chance of getting hurt, then it’s not really love. Because.. love isn’t selfish. Rather, it is selfless and humble. If there is no risk of getting hurt.. then it seems like we must be “loving” for our own gain. Love is true when we will choose to love even when we know we are not going to get anything out of it for ourselves. Sure, we might get something out of it, but love — real love — is a choice, and it is unconditional. It is there whether or not we are going to get anything back.

I feel like my thoughts here are not very organized at all, but every time I hear this song, it gets to me, and I needed to write about it. I had this need to write out some lessons that I see/hear in this song.

I want to end with this: Agape love is so sweet… it says “I love you for what I can do for you, not what you can do for me.” That is the love I want to live out in my life.