One of my friends from work has been sick for over four weeks now. She’s had bad migraines, dizziness, had the words dancing on the page in front of her, and felt like she was in a tornado. She finally went to the doctor about it about 2 weeks ago, and they told her to go to the emergency room if it kept up. She didn’t go though, and when a couple of us got after her last week, telling her she really needed to go, she got mad at us. She kept coming up with excuses… she didn’t have anybody to watch her kids, and whatever else she could think of. So I told her I’d watch her kids, and I’d even take her to the hospital too. She just came up with more excuses. Yesterday when I came in to the Learning Center after class, she told me she was going to go to the hospital as soon as she left Edison. Well.. she didn’t go. But in talking with my supervisor this morning, I learned that she’d called him this morning and told him that she barely made it home yesterday after picking up her kids from school. She got really dizzy and couldn’t do anything, and she told him she was going to call an ambulence. He told her she needed to. I don’t think he had realized it’s been so bad for so long or that she’d gotten mad at us last week for getting after her to go to the hospital. Her family doesn’t really do anything with her or to help her; they pretty much only call her when they want something, so the Learning Center is her family.

Her name is Jamie. Please pray that she will go, and that God will heal her. Also.. pray that she will begin to trust God through all of this, and that she will learn through it what real love is. Thank you so much for your prayers.