“let it be said of us
while we walked among the living
let it be said of us
by the ones we leave behind
let it be said of us
that we lived to be a blessing for life
let it be said of us
that we gave to reach the dying
let it be said of us
by the fruit we leave behind
let it be said of us
that our legacy is blessing for life
this day
You set life, You set death right before us,
this day
every blessing and curse is a choice now
and we will choose to be a blessing for life

let it be said of us
that our hearts belonged to Jesus
let it be said of us
that we spoke the words of life
let it be said of us
that our heritage is blessing for life
for Your kingdom, for our children
for the sake of every nation…”
~ “the blessing”… by john waller

Have you ever stopped and thought of what will be said of you in the future? How do you want to be known? How do you want to be remembered?

So.. today was the first day of my next-to-last week at Edison. It’s just crazy. How can the end already be this close? I don’t really know where the time has gone. As I look over these next less-than-two weeks, I keep thinking of how I want to be remembered. Are the people I came in contact with here going to remember me at all? And.. if they do remember me, what are they going to remember? That I have actually considered (I hate to even say it!) not turning in a paper just for the purpose of reducing stress? Or are they going to remember that I was always the girl who had something to smile about? Will they remember me as somebody they dreaded going to class with? Or will I be one they always looked forward to talking with? One of my favorite tutoring sessions was with such a sweet girl who I’ve gotten to be friends with; I will never forget the day she came in and as we worked on her algebra, she told me she was always disappointed whenever she came into the Learning Center and I was already working with somebody else, because she really enjoyed working with me.

I don’t want people to be glad when I’m gone. I don’t want to leave a bad taste in their mouths. Instead, I want to leave the taste of Jesus with them, so they miss the light when I leave.

In these last days that I have here, there really is no time to make a reputation… but I pray that I have made one for myself in the three years I’ve spent here. My prayer is that everyone I have come in contact with has noticed something different in me. Whether or not they know the difference they have observed is because I have Jesus in my life.. there’s been a seed planted in their life. And I think most of them do know that He is in my life.. even if they might not realize that is what makes me different.

I want to be known as one who was encouraging, one who never put others down for something they didn’t know or whatever else. I want to be one who’s known for being a blessing. Whether or not we live like it, being a blessing is a choice. I think it is so often all too easy to not even realize how that choice is affecting others. Not just the ones we know, either. Sure, how we live affects the people we see all the time… but it also affects the maintenance workers, the people who stock the shelves in the grocery store who you may never see again, the mailman, and anybody else we might run into.

This is not to say that I’m perfect… because I am definitely not perfect!! I was so upset with my sister on Saturday. After bringing her home, I had the opportunity to just be alone with God for a while as I drove to my aunt’s home to drop off some flowers she’d ordered; I was so glad for that time with just God and me, because I really needed it. I’ve been so stressed lately, and I needed that time to calm my heart.

I know I am not always a blessing. And unfortunately, that is my choice. I don’t mean to choose not to be a blessing, but I’m human, so my nature is not to be a blessing. I guess that makes it all the more obvious how much of a choice it really is to either be a blessing or not. It is not natural for us to choose to bless others over ourselves, so when we choose this way, we are becoming more like Jesus.

Let it be said of me that I lived to be a blessing.