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“sometimes i get that overwhelming feeling
so sad those faces on tv
if i tried to make a difference would it help anyway
but then i stop and to myself i say
so you wanna change the world
what are you waiting for
you say you’re gonna start right now
what are you waiting for
it only takes one voice
so come on now and shout it out
give a little more
what are you waiting for
sometimes i feel a little helpless
seems like i can’t do a thing
but anything is possible just you wait and see
good things happen if you just believesomeday somehow
gonna take that step
’cause time is ticking away
right here right now
before it’s too late
gonna face tomorrow today…”

~ “what are you waiting for?”… by natalie grant


How easy it is to let myself slip into the mindset that my efforts don’t matter at all or make any difference in the world. After all, I’m just one person, and what difference can one person make?… or so I start to think…

This way of thinking is so flawed though. To wait for the next person, thinking they can make more of a difference anyway, is not taking advantage of the unique life God has given me. To wait for tomorrow, thinking that maybe I’ll be presented with a better opportunity, is to waste the time and opportunities I’ve been given. To wait and pray for God to make it “more obvious” is stupid… because if He’s given me an opportunity and repeatedly put something in front of me, why should I not go for it?

After returning from Nicaragua last summer, I remember wanting to sponsor a kid there. I didn’t have a consistent, paying job at the time, and I thought that when I got one, I’d sponsor a kid. Well, I got a consistent, paying job at my college at the end of August. I really wanted to sponsor a Nica kid, but I kept thinking of reasons why maybe I should wait on it. It didn’t take long though… I decided a few days later that I literally couldn’t wait. There was a kid who I knew needed me, and now that I had the means to sponsor this kid, there was no reason why I should (or even could) wait to do it. So I got my little boy’s picture. I’m so glad I didn’t wait, that I took advantage of the opportunity to sponsor him.

Tomorrow may not come for those who wait… I have to use the moment I’ve been blessed with now, and use it to live my life as a blessing. I’ve been blessed with so much — how can I not give back and pass it on?

As I look back on so many situations in my life, I think of how many opportunities I let slip past me, unused, and maybe sometimes even a bit unwanted. How many times have I said to myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow…” knowing quite well that I mostly likely will do no such thing? I don’t even really want to look at the number of times I have told myself — and told God — that I would do something, just not right now. I have found myself so many times waiting for Him to make it really plain to me what I need to do; yet.. this is just an excuse for my own stupid laziness. “If this happens, then I’ll do it.”

I feel like Gideon, always asking for another sign, another way to be sure, another way to just know without a doubt that it is what God is wanting me to go for…  “Gideon replied, ‘If now I have found favor in Your eyes, give me a sign that it is really You talking to me'” (Judges 6:17). Judges 6:36-40 goes on to tell of how he asked God to prove to him repeatedly that He wanted to use Gideon to lead and save Israel. I’m not saying Gideon was wrong, but I’m not saying he was right either. God was so patient with him though… He kept showing him that yes, He wanted to save Israel through him. Every time Gideon turned back to ask or question, God gently showed him again. And again.

Why does it take so much for us to just let go of our worry and doubt and just trust that God has it all under control? Why is it so hard to just jump in with both feet and go for it when we see an amazing opportunity He’s given us? I guess it is in our nature to want to be comfortable and stay in our little box, but that is not what God’s promised us. Luke 9:23-25 says that we need to take up our cross daily and follow Him. It doesn’t say that we need to make sure we are comfortable and cozy. We have to deny ourselves and put Him first.. and when we really love Him, that is what we want to do (1 John 5:3).

I guess I’ve covered a lot of ground here… jumping around somewhat… but I really believe it all ties in together. When we really let our love for God — and His love in us — consume us and overflow into our lives, it will make us reckless. It will make us jump at opportunities that God gives us. It will make us want to not wait another minute.. to jump in with both feet, taking risks and just going for it. What am I waiting for? I really can’t stand to wait for anything… life won’t wait for the “perfect opportunity”.. if I don’t live now, life will pass me by. I have to choose to live now and take advantage of the opportunities God blesses me with.

Love life. Don’t wait. Love and live now.