“let the sea resound
let every knee bow down
we will praise You
let every tongue confess
of Your righteousness
we will praise You
let the mountains ring
with praises to our King
we will worship
let the skies proclaim
what Your hands have made
we will worship
let all nature sing
let the earth rejoice
we will resonate, resonate Your glory
let all living things
praise You with one voice
we will resonate, resonate Your glory
let the rocks cry out
let the children shout,
we will worship, we will worship
let the water’s roar
praise You forevermore
we will worship You
let songs of joy, fill the air
Your praises echo everywhere
from oceans deep, to the sky
let all things praise You Lord most High…”

~ “resonate”… by sonicflood

All the earth sings of God’s beauty and testifies of His greatness… All through the world, it is echoed through His creation. How anyone can think there is no God is beyond me. I will never understand how people can live in this world and think that.

I’ve been working outside a lot lately, planting flowers and weeding the flowerbeds. I love to see God’s creation. How can people think it is all just a coincidence or an accident? The creation of the world was not an accident, and neither is the creation of any life. Life is such a precious gift, and we need to be thankful for it, treating it as the gift that it is.

I was made to worship my Creator. We all were made to worship Him. And.. really, how can I do anything but worship Him, knowing how He cares for us and how He’s so lovingly created us and the world around us. Doesn’t He more than deserve all I can give Him?

Let His praises echo everywhere, let all things praise Him.

My life needs to speak of what I say I believe. When I praise Him, others see it, and they in turn will [hopefully] praise Him too. It creates a ripple effect, a chain reaction. One of my friends from school/work has commented to me several times that I always look “so happy.” I want to be a light for Him, causing others to stop and comment and ask how I can act or talk or smile the way I do.

“Let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!”
~ Psalm 150:6 (Amplified Bible)