“i don’t know what the future holds
or what lies beyond my horizon
the years ahead are just out of sight
well, i think sometimes that You hide them
so that i’ll walk by faith not sight
so i’ll take Your hand, holding tight

throught twenty-six summers
and twenty-six winters
i’ve laughed in the springtime
i’ve cried in the rain
though i’ve questioned the meaning
of some of life’s seasons
it’s true that they’ve left me holding on
tighter to You

my one desire for the road ahead
is that we would walk it together
Friend and King, You’re my everything
may i stay by Your side forever
for when my heart’s afraid, You’re near
whispering to my soul, ‘don’t fear’

and i will trust in You alone
for You’re the hand leading me home
leading me home..

i’ve spent twenty-six summers
and twenty-six winters with You
through all of the seasons
and my search for reasons
You’ve carried me through
i will keep holding on to You…”

~ “twenty-six summers”… by vicky beeching

Sometimes it is hard not knowing what comes next in my life. I can so relate to the words of this song; it describes my feelings perfectly… “the years ahead are just out of sight, well I think sometimes that You hide them…” I cannot count the number of times I have asked God for something and wondered why I couldn’t just know.. just that one little piece of my future or what comes next. Just one little step.

But then in that wondering and praying, I am every time reminded gently that I don’t need to know. If I knew what was coming next, then I would inevitably — however involuntarily — begin to concoct this idea in my mind that I could do it on my own. I would begin to think, “well, I know this is going to happen.. why can’t I just make it happen?” and I would start trying to do it my own way.

By letting go of my life and just letting God have full control over it, I learn to trust Him. Yes, it is really, really hard sometimes. Some days more than others. But I know that whatever He has planned for me is the best.. it is so much better than anything I could ever dream up myself. I might think that my own ideas are the best, but they are nothing compared to what God has in store for my life.

“A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.” (Proverbs 16:9, Amplified Bible)

To know what comes next would take away the whole element of faith, which would in turn make us unable to please, honor, and obey God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

To have faith is to believe in what we cannot see. It is to trust and believe it is there. To just know, even when we might not necessarily feel like it. (Hebrews 11:1)

It does not mean that we will never question or doubt.. I think questioning what we believe is something nearly everybody has to go through in life at one point or another. But the questions make us stronger. God is bigger than our questions and doubts and fears. He is greater than any problem we could come up with. I know that through the times I have asked Him questions, He hugged me closer and gently reminded me of His love for me. To know that He would never give up on me is so sweet, and that — together with the questions and learning to really trust Him deep in my heart and soul — has made my faith so much stronger. It has made it more real. The questions leave me holding on tighter to Him.

So this song says “twenty-six summers”… I’ve had twenty-three; I’m just at the start of my twenty-fourth summer. But the meaning is still the same.

I have to keep trusting God. I need to. I thank Him for hiding the years ahead, because I really don’t need to know.. I just need to know that He is here with me, and He will never let me go.