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This morning when I checked my email, I was so surprised to see that one of my best friends since 1995 had added me as her friend on Facebook. We’ve not kept in touch so much these last few years, and it has been so sad. I mean, every time we actually do talk, it is just like always… Ours is one of those friendships where you can go for months and never talk, but when you finally do, nothing has ever changed. We’re always still the same, still close friends. Still a million things to tell each other.

I’d searched for her on there so many times, but apparently she just joined, so that’s why I never had been able to find her.

When we were younger, we used to write to each other literally all the time. We’d call every so often too, and we had the opportunity to meet in person four different times. But.. even before we ever met face to face, she was one of my best friends in all my life. Meeting in person only added to the closeness and fun of our friendship.

As we got older, our letters became further apart. Not because we weren’t as good of friends, but just because we were busy doing other things. Our closeness actually had a role in stretching our letters further and further apart. We had so much to say and share that our letters were incredibly long and we never had any time to write them anymore. It was so weird how that worked.

Now here we are, both twenty-something, and still living so many miles apart. We’ve not seen each other since 2002. But I am thanking God for the blessing of her friendship. For the blessings He’s brought my way through that friendship, for all the years, and for the surprise I had waiting for me this morning when I checked my email.

Some things never change.

And I am smiling. 🙂