“all the world is a story
all the world is a stage
all the world is a canvas
all the world is a page
all the world is a horizon
all the world is a field of dreams
all the world is an open doorway
all the world is a place for me

to be Your voice
to be Your touch
to give an answer
to show Your love
to hold out hope
to offer peace
to shine Your light for everyone to see
in all the world

all the world is a someone
all the world is a dance
all the world is a moment
all the world is a chance

You are amazing mercy
You are undying grace
i want them all to see
how wonderful You are
upon my face…”

~ “all the world”.. by point of grace

I’ve found it somewhat depressing lately to not be in school now. I don’t have a new job yet, and I’ve kind of felt as though I don’t really have a place right now. I’ve been really missing all the opportunities I had at school and my job there to be a light to others, and I guess that has made me feel just a bit useless at this point. As far as getting to share and have any kind of influence and impact.

Then today this song came on the radio.. and it struck me how untrue my feelings lately about all of that have been. All the world is a place for me to be His light. It all is a chance for me to share His voice and truth. No matter where I am or what I am doing. I love to walk through Wal-Mart and smile at everybody I see, as a sort of experiment.. I love to see how many people smile back. One day probably a year or so ago, I was walking back to the front of the store after picking up some pictures at the photo center, and I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw a friend from church and her daughter, and she said, “I saw this pretty lady smiling…!” I told her about what I like to do, how I like to smile at everyone I see, and she loved it. It’s something I can just picture her doing too.

I’m so looking forward to when I will again have a specific mission field. But really, I don’t have to wait until then, feeling useless, like there is nothing I can do to serve God where I am. “All the world is a someone.” Everyone needs to know they are loved. All the world is a chance for me to show them that. All the world is a chance for me to prove how wonderful He is with the smile on my face. To be His voice, to be His touch. To give an answer, to show His love. To hold out hope and offer peace, to shine His light for everyone to see. I don’t want to waste any moment or opportunity to be His voice.

The opportunities didn’t end with graduation. They won’t ever end. Not as long as I keep on looking for them and taking advantage of them. It is when I become complacent and content to stay as I am, never dreaming to grow more or to share, that the opportunities will end. And even then.. it is not so much the opportunities that end, but rather my ability to see and recognize them. I don’t want to let my heart ever get to that complacency and indifference to God and what He is doing. And I don’t plan to. Sometimes it is easy to slide into complacency though; it is such a gradual process that we do not even notice it until we wake up one day and realize where we are.. and then we don’t know how to begin to get out of this slump.

So.. I want to make the most of the time I have been blessed with. I want to soak up and take full advantage of every opportunity God gives me. Because.. all the world is full of them. I don’t want to waste one minute. I am choosing to live intentionally for God and to share His love with everyone.