“i’ve been looking for love in another’s eyes
searching for water, but i come up dry
thought that i could find
happiness in the world’s applause
peace of mind in a worthy cause
take me back, take me back
got to trust in the simple truth
got to trust all i really need is

i’m coming back to
the only thing i know worth living for
will You take this heart and make it more like
i give it back to You
it’s obvious no one could love me more
i’m Yours
i’m coming, coming back, yeah
i’m coming, coming back

to joy that speaks to my deepest need
to arms never far out of reach
yeah, how Your love it
calls to me when i lose my way
holds me close when I feel afraid
take me back, take me back
got to trust that i’m safe and sound
got to trust that it all comes down to

so no more getting caught in the middle
no more waiting for what is unsure
back to Your love so true and so simple
don’t understate it or complicate it

it’s so simple, yeah, it’s so simple

You, coming back to You, You coming back
You, coming back to You, You coming back
You, coming back to You, You coming back
You, coming back to You, You coming back
i’m Yours, i’m Yours, yeah, yeah
i’m Yours, i’m Yours, yeah, yeah…”

~ “You”.. by britt nicole

I love the honesty in these words. I know that I personally have trouble being honest with myself sometimes. Well.. okay, maybe even often. I tell myself that my heart is so focused on God, that I don’t have anything or anybody distracting me from Him. And I believe what I tell myself. It’s not that I don’t want to trust God or that I consciously think that I need more than Him to satisfy my heart.. instead, it is some deeply human desire to do it on my own. Just out of selfish independence. It’s a natural human tendency to want to find happiness in the world, to seek love in somebody else’s eyes. Not to say that I’m going after that, but I find that every now and then these desires become a distraction. They just slip into my heart and mind, almost unnoticed. And.. this really disturbs me.Why is it such a simple thing for me to turn around and let distractions slide into my vision? Why do I think I need to be some sort of superhero, able to withstand everything the world throws my way without God’s help? Why do I try so hard to impress when all I really need to do is trust God to be everything I need? It takes away from my joy when I act like this.

I’m told not to be anxious about anything, but to instead trust God, pray to Him, believe that He can and will fulfill my every need, thanking and praising Him. Think about and find the good in each circumstance. There is always something to be thankful for. Always something good and true and right to think about. And.. God is going to provide whatever I need. Not just the absolute minimum, the smallest amount He can get away with. I love how the Amplified Bible says it… “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” [Philippians 4:4-8, 19]

It all comes down to my immense need for Him. In every part of my life, in every day. So many times I find myself wondering what comes next or what would happen if I do or say something.. and then I remember these verses. Don’t be anxious about anything at all. Instead, pray about everything, trusting God to take care of us. Thank Him. Delight in Him. He knows me so much better even than I know myself. He knows what I need and when I need it. He made me, after all.

When I am really, honestly, truly delighting my heart in Him, He is going to give me the desires of my heart. [Psalm 37:4] Not to say that God is like a genie in a lamp or something, giving me everything I think I want.. that is not what I mean at all. But when I am honestly delighted and excited in Him and about Him, He changes the desires of my heart to match what He wants for me, what He knows I need. He molds my heart more and more into who He wants me to be, and He lines up my desires for myself with His desires for me.

God’s love is so amazing… How could I ever begin to think of it as less than it really is or to complicate it with the silly distractions of the world? His love is all I’ll ever really need, and until I come face to face with this in my heart, until I am satisfied completely with God alone, everything else is just that — a distraction that I really don’t need to deal with. When I am at the place in my heart where I am so content with God and His love that nothing else really matters, what would otherwise be a distraction has the opportunity to begin to work together with my delight in my God. It begins to build on the foundation of God’s perfect love, making me stronger in Him and with others.

It is so simple, yet I tend to make it so difficult and complicated. All I really need is God. My Maker, my Savior, my Superhero. I have to just come back to Him, humbly laying down everything else, so constantly giving it all back to Him. And.. through this, He brings me joy that I could never find elsewhere.