Have you ever tried to be practical and live in “reality,” thinking that something is just not possible and that even the idea should be dropped? Well, if not dropped, then at least set on a shelf someplace where it will eventually get shoved toward the back, where you will find it stuffed someday years from now, all dusty and forgotten… Am I the only one who does this?

 These past couple of days, I have been corresponding with an old friend of mine who is currently in Europe. We were talking about travelling, and I said I would love to go to Europe someday and see a bunch of World War 2 stuff.. camps, Corrie ten Boom’s place, etc. I so love reading about it all and really want to see it. Well, my friend asked me if I was thinking of travelling sometime soon, and I replied that I don’t have any plans to, that it is really just a dream of mine at this point.

I will never forget what she told me: “If you can travel, you DEFINITELY should. Don’t accept any excuses. Pray about it. I am making a habit at this point of traveling Corrie ten Boom style — on a prayer! God is truly still in the business of working miracles! 🙂 🙂 ”


Slap in the face time..

I have seen God work so many miracles in my life. If I could only tell you how many times He made my grandmother well so she could come home from the hospital. I’ve seen His miracles firsthand. I have seen Him provide. I’ve been in the midst of circumstances that only He could have changed for things to work out. I know that prayer is important. I know it’s vital to life. Prayer changes things. [James 5:16] I know this.

So.. why am I so quick to doubt, to be “practical”? I think I have to live in “reality,” but.. in all actuality, reality is found in trusting God. In taking a leap of faith. In praying and believing. In letting go of whatever is holding me back. There is no reality in ignoring who God is and what He can do if I will just let go of the rail, hold on to His hand, and begin to walk.

Peter had to have faith when he stepped out of the boat. [Matthew 14:28-31] When he took his eyes off Jesus and began to take in his surroundings, really thinking about what he was doing, he started doubting. Maybe this was not really as “real” as he had thought. Maybe he was crazy. Maybe he didn’t know what he was doing. Can’t you just imagine those thoughts running through his mind at lightning speed?

It is the same way for me… I’ve witnessed it firsthand in my life. I will be just going about life, living and trusting, and then all of a sudden it will hit me how crazy it all is. And.. when I begin to doubt, the beauty of the picture seems to fade so quickly. I start wondering what on earth I am doing out on the water when I cannot even swim. I must be crazy, right?

The world says to trust what I can see. The Bible says otherwise. It says faith is believing in what I cannot see, in what I have put my hope in. [Hebrews 11:1] It also says that without faith, it is impossible to please God, because I have to believe in who He is and what He has done for me. I have to trust that He rewards my faith. [Hebrews 11:6]

I am not really sure why it is so hard to have faith… God Himself has proven to me over and over how He will take care of me, how He will reward my faith, how even just the smallest amount of faith can move mountains. But my natural tendency is to look for what I can see with my eyes and want to trust in that. My tendency so differs from reality, because reality is found in trusting the One only my heart can see right now.

My friend told me that she is travelling Corrie ten Boom style — on a prayer. Corrie ten Boom was one of the most faithful ladies I have ever read about. Thinking about my friends words and about Corrie ten Boom takes me back to 2002.. I remember when I was down in the Caribbean, and this pastor who was also on the ship was speaking.. he was talking about prayer, and he mentioned Corrie ten Boom. I don’t remember the exact quote. [Makes me want to go dig it up in my journal…] But Pastor Sam said something about prayer being a way of life, and about letting God have control of every part of my life. And I will always, for the rest of my life, remember what he said. “Pray until something happens.”

Until I sat there and listened to him say it, that had just been an acronym on one of those bracelets.. you know, like the WWJD bracelets… I mean, I knew prayer was crucial, but I had never really thought until then about really praying faithfully for the same thing until something happens. He shared about a lady who prayed for something like 20 years for one of her kids or her husband to know God, and after she prayed for that long, they finally came to know Him. She never stopped praying, even after years and years when it must have seemed useless. That is faith.

I don’t mean that God will give me everything I ask Him for. But I have to believe. I believe and know that He is able. And I know that He will bless that kind of faith in His children.

I don’t know when I will travel yet. But I do know that I am not going to sit back passively and just think about praying about it. God is plenty big enough to enable me to travel. Anything and everything is possible with God. [Mark 10:27]