So.. I have some news. It’s official. As of Monday my papers are all signed and I am back at Edison for fall semester. Didn’t I just graduate from there? Yes, I did. Am I crazy? Hahaha, yes, of course. So what on earth am I doing there? I am taking some additional classes for the stuff I was already doing. It was all very last minute in the way it happened, but it was something I’d been throwing around in my mind and praying about for a while. I talked with my supervisor from the Learning Center last Thursday, and then I went up on Monday to sign the papers and register for classes. School starts in less than three weeks.

I don’t know, I guess I just wasn’t supposed to be finished there yet. It won’t be the same at all in the Learning Center without my two dearest friends from there working with me this time around. But I know God has a plan, and I know I am back for a reason. If you think of it, please pray for me as I go back. I want to reflect God in my life, to be the face of love. There is nobody too lost for me to love or too low for me to serve. I want to seek and follow and please God with my life.

Another little something… tomorrow around lunch time I am planning to meet a girl I worked with in the Learning Center at a little local coffee shop. She’s not a believer, and the way I understand her [reading between the lines], I think she feels as though she is beyond hope of ever finding real love and joy. She is ten years older than me, but I usually feel like I am ten years older than her instead. In the LC, she would ask me so much for my opinions and advice on whatever she happened to be writing or doing or going through. So please pray for this also. I want my life to reflect God to her, and I hope it does and will continue to. I want to be a picture of Jesus to her. Our lives are so far apart in pretty much every way and she’s not exactly someone I would seek out for a friend, but I really believe that God has brought my life in contact with hers for a reason and so.. I guess that is why/how I befriended her. Not as a close friend, because that is reserved solely for my believer friends because that’s really the only place where mutual encouragement can happen [like Romans 1:12]. But as a friend that I can reach out to and share my faith with.

I think that as a believer, I tend to get a picture in my head of how I think Jesus’ love looks, of what He would do, etc. and then I stick to that. I don’t leave any room for growth and relearning, because I think I have it figured out. But really, I don’t. I don’t know everything I like to think [or act like] I know. When I open my heart and let God work in my life through His word and through spending time with other believers, though, He changes my heart and makes me more and more like Him. There’s no one too lost for Him to love or too low for Him to serve, and it needs to be the same for me.

“i’ve seen Your face on stained glass, in colored lights
in pictures of You looking to the sky
You been portrayed a thousand different ways
but my heart can see You better than my eyes
’cause it’s love that paints the portrait of Your life
the face of love
the face of love
You look more like love everyday
i’ve read Your words in the pages of Your life
and i’ve imagined what You were like
i may not know the shape of Your face
but i can feel Your heart changing mine
and Your love still proves that You’re alive

and You are the face that changed the whole world
no one too lost for You to love
no one too low for You to serve
so give us the grace to change the world
no one too lost for me to love
no one too low for me to serve
oh let us see…
let us be Your face
let us be Your face…”

~ “the face of Love”… by sanctus real