“Lord, i know sometimes You look down and shake Your head
when we know what we should do and do the other thing instead
we’re living in glass houses and we’re throwing sticks and stones
the love that will come to us is the love that we have shown

ignite a fire in my spirit
and when i want to make a difference
this will be my prayer

begin with me
turn my world upside down
come change my heart around
Lord, keep on washing me clean
begin with me
come and renew my mind
and lead me to the light
’til i am more like You Jesus
begin, begin with me

have you ever noticed how we love to give advice
we offer up suggestions without thinking twice
got 20/20 vision when we’re watching someone else
but it’s a little blurry when we’re looking at ourselves

i can’t forget to check the mirror
that’s where i find the only one
that He wants me to change

starting right here, right now
Lord i surrender to You
ready to serve
ready to love
’cause that is all that matters in the end…”

~ “begin with me”… by point of grace

I randomly found this song running through my mind a couple of days ago, and it’s been there off and on ever since. It’s been a while since I have listened to the cd, but as I thought about the words, it struck me how important these words are. It is so crucial to having a good relationship with Jesus that I have the attitude presented in this song.

Much as I like to think that I always think the best of people, I know I don’t. It’s all too easy for me to slip into a judgmental mode and find faults in what others are doing instead of seeing my own mistakes. I wonder why it is so easy to be blind to my faults, while everyone else’s are seemingly magnified….

As a follower of Jesus, my attitude needs to be that of surrender and humility. I need to work on my own life and not try to mend the lives of others. I cannot look in the mirror, see my dirty face, and then just turn around and forget about it. [James 1:22-25] That’s hypocrisy and selfishness. It’s deceptive to pretend that I don’t make mistakes… deceptive to my own heart as well as to others, even though we all know that I do make mistakes.

When I look through God’s eyes, I’ll see the beauty in others. Begin with me, make my heart right, ready to love and serve, no matter what it takes.

Having a humble and right heart before God is what I need. It is what we all need. To take the initiative and ask Him to purify our thoughts and ways and lives, to take the first step into living a life changed by God. And.. when I take that initiative, when I let God work in my life and change me so I look more like Him, that is when others will begin to see Him shining through my life.

I want to be like my Jesus.