Yesterday after class, I was getting ready to leave school, and as I walked down the hallway, I saw a friend I hadn’t seen since the night of graduation back in May. I couldn’t leave without stopping to say hi, and besides.. I wanted to talk with her and catch up on what’s new in her life. So I stopped, sat down in the new, contemporary-looking black chair next to hers, and we ended up talking for half an hour or so.

At first, we just talked about our summer and what classes we’re taking [and what on earth I am doing here, since I graduated in May]… Our conversation soon took another turn.

She told me that she had been taking surveys around the school for Campus Crusade. Basically, the survey asks students if they consider themselves to be regular church-goers, if they are unsure of their relationship with Christ, if they have a strong relationship with Him. It asks if they are interested in talking about spiritual things, if they would like to know more about how to have a relationship with Jesus, and if they are interested in knowing more about Campus Crusade’s Bible study.

My friend described to me answers she had gotten on these surveys [not sharing any of the personal information, of course, but just sharing the desperate need for God that she had encountered]… Some people said they were not sure about their relationship with God and would like to know more. Others had written that they went to church regularly but were unsure about their relationship with God and were not interested in discussing spiritual things or learning more. Just a few were very much against learning anything more about God and how to have a relationship with Him. For the most part, she found through the responses to her surveys that people are very open to knowing more.

We talked about how so many are not only open to knowing more, but they are actively searching and wanting to know God. We are walking around in the midst of a huge mission field, and we have the potential to have an amazing impact here.

It came up that we have both recently been in contact with a couple of girls I worked with last year… a couple of girls who really need to be reached out to and loved with God’s unconditional love. We shared how we’d each run into them or talked to them on the phone in the last week or two and how we could both see a great ministry opportunity there.

She and I discussed how to reach out to everyone around us. We need to reach out to everyone but actively pursue contact with those who have expressed a desire to know more. The fields are ripe and ready, just sitting there waiting for us… they are walking past us in the hallways and sitting at the computer across from us.

Ministry can take on so many different forms, but it so needs to be a part of our everyday lives. Not ministry separated from life. That is the only way we can effectively reach out to the people we see at school and wherever else we happen to be.

We are hoping to get a Bible study going on Monday afternoons… just for the girls. The regular Campus Crusade meetings are on Thursdays at a time that doesn’t work for me, so I have only been a couple of times. I am so excited about this ladies’ Bible study though. I want a way to be involved and stay close to the girls at school who are followers of Christ.

“When you bear (produce) much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.” [John 15:8, Amplified Bible]