“a world full of people
in a world full of darkness
constantly searching
searching for truth

so shout it from the rooftops
the truth has come

His name is Jesus
and He loves you
if you listen you can hear Him call your name
His name is Jesus
He gave His life for you
and to know Him is to never be the same

so many choices
so much confusion
no sense of direction
don’t know which way to turn

the Father paved the way for us
it’s through His Son

for the one who is broken
the one who is lost
there is life to be found
at the foot of an old rugged cross…”

~ “His name is Jesus”… by big daddy weave

In listening to Big Daddy Weave’s music, these words jumped out at me and struck me as reiterating exactly what I was writing about yesterday.

So many people are searching, desiring to know God. All is takes in many cases is for us to start a conversation. Maybe all it will take is to ask a simple question. Yet how many times to I go about my business with my eyes closed to the needs of the world I live in?

People are looking, waiting, watching, wanting to know. They are just in need of someone to share His amazing love with them. If I don’t do it… I cannot count on the next person to do what I should have done.

People are searching… many of them don’t know what they are searching for, but they know there is something major missing from their life. The answer is Jesus.

It almost sounds cliche so put it in a sentence like that, but it’s the simple truth. It’s reality. There is one answer to the world’s voids and problems, searching and desiring, and… His name is Jesus.

It is as simple as that. My life needs to show it, to back up what I say, and I need to have a constant compassion and desire for others to know Him.

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.'” [John 14:6, Amplified Bible]

“… And to know Him is to never be the same…” There is nothing more to say.