Tomorrow my little brothers’ band is playing in a battle of the bands in Greenville. Their official time slot begins at 2:20, and they have twenty-five minutes to set up, introduce themselves and their songs, play two songs, and then tear down. They are pretty excited, as are the rest of us [the sisters and parents in both families]. 🙂

To battle with the bands, Pink House has to perform two of their original songs… and I am sure you’ll see these songs show up soon on my blog. I don’t have audio yet, but when I have some good-quality recordings of their original songs, I’ll be adding them to their myspace page… and I’ll also have a background and all that fun stuff up then. There isn’t much to the page at this point.

Anyway, this is the first time their band has done anything like this. Pink House officially debuted at camp in July 2006, only a week or so after the band was formed. They have since played in church on several occassions, but nothing quite like this battle.

The lady in charge of registration for the battle said they are by far the youngest band playing, but hey, that just makes it more exciting, right?

It will be great. Nobody’s counting on them winning… Although they are really a good band, they haven’t had experience in setting up and tearing down quickly… Mostly the aspect we’re all looking at and kinda wondering about for them is the “professionalism” part. One of the things the judges are looking at is how professional they act, and… well, let me just say that Pink House consists of a fourteen-year-old, a thirteen-year-old, and an almost-twelve-year-old. How professional do you really think they act? 😉

It’ll be a fun day with whatever happens though, and this battle will be a growing experience for them.