Writer Tricia Goyer shares the following about her life and her new book, My Life, Unscripted:

“Looking back at my drama-filled teen years I now wonder … What was I thinking?The truth? I wasn’t. I lived from day to day on every wave of emotion. Some days excitement and passion partnered up, pattering wildly within my heart.

Other days, depression and anxiety were my silent friends. I lived each day as it came, with no plan for my future, for my relationships, or for my heart.

I lived my life completely unscripted … and, well, it didn’t go well for me. Teen pregnancy and a broken heart were only two consequences. Yet my prayer is that when teen girls are asked who’s writing your life? their answer will be ME … with the guidance of God, My Director.”

There are a lot of circumstances found in Tricia’s script that I cannot personally relate to, but I find that what she has to share can apply to everybody. Not just those who have found themselves in her shoes. I know there have been times in my life when I’ve done what I knew I shouldn’t or didn’t do what I wanted to and knew I should. It’s just like Paul says in Romans 7. He talks about living a different life than he really wants to live and being a different person than he wants to be. We can find encouragement that we’re not the only ones who have a hard time in life as we strive to follow God.

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