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“when day is over
i’ll be the color in the sky
if darkness lingers
i’ll be the flame that gives you light

i just want you to notice
i just want you to feel the same
i just want you to notice
that i want to be your everything

on my shoulder
there is a place for you to cry
i’ll be your shelter
where there is nowhere left to hide…

sometimes i see you cry
when you watch the sun go down
you’re magical, so beautiful, and…

i just want you to notice…”

~ “everything”… by bebo norman

Can you imagine if everyone adopted this kind of honesty? Just look at how vulnerable he makes himself in these words… Nobody these days is so honest and open as the sentiments expressed here, and as this song caught my attention when I first heard it a few days ago, I began to think about why this is.

I think a lot of our lack of openness and honesty is due to fear.. Fear of rejection, fear of not being “good enough”, fear of getting hurt. It also seems to be due to pride. Maybe not even a conscious pride, but a pride that just settles into our hearts and causes us to begin to┬áthink that we deserve love.

To be open really does mean taking risks. It means taking the risk of getting hurt, because that is a very real possibility.

Shouldn’t we look at both sides of the equation, though? If fear of getting hurt is our reason for being less than completely honest.. and so we don’t ever share our hearts with others.. are we ever guaranteed that we are not going to get hurt anyway? Shutting ourselves up apart from everyone and having this lack of open honesty and vulnerability does not make our risk of being hurt any less. We just might be hurt in different ways.

I’m not saying we should go around wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Don’t go giving your heart away to everyone you meet. But I believe that if our world demonstrated more of this honesty and humility, there would be a whole lot fewer problems than there are today.

The cd that includes this song is called “Myself When I Am Real”… and really, I think that says it all. When we’re real, when we’re honest, when we don’t go and hide who we are inside, we all just want somebody to notice us and love us for who we are.

It’s a simple thought, but I think it is important.