We’ve had a lot of military men in my family… my papa and several great uncles…

I’ve even been reading lately about my great, great, great grandfather, who fought in the Civil War. Claiborne Cook and his brother, Tennison, enlisted in the First Tennessee Cavalry of the Union Army. They joined together and were later separated within their division. Tenny became a scout and Claiborne a Supply Sergeant. Tennison Cook never made it home. He was captured by the Confederate Army and died of malnutrition, disease, and starvation at the Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Claiborne, however, did make it home, and — as the brothers had previously discussed incase of such a situation — he took care of Tennison’s family. He eventually married his brother’s widow, Emily, and they had five children in addition to Tennison and Emily’s six children.

Papa was in the Navy and fought in World War 2. Some of my relatives were in the Revolutionary War.

Anyway, since it’s Veterans’ Day, I decided to share a little about my family in the military. I’ve not had the chance to do much with these photos yet, aside from taking care of a couple of major spots, so they don’t look the best. The only one pictured who is still living as I write this is Uncle Aster.

Thank you so much to all the veterans out there… for all you do and for being brave. And if you’re away from your family right now… make it home, make it safe. I am praying for you.

George Carris — my papa

Uncle Aster
Uncle Aster Anglin — my Mema’s brother

Uncle Jack
Uncle Jack Sargeant — my Mema’s brother-in-law

Uncle Dwain1Uncle Dwain2 
Uncle Dwain Ballinger (in the last two photos) — my Mema’s brother-in-law