I was teaching the 3 & 4 year olds’ Sunday school class this past weekend, and I ended up having ten kids in there by myself. The lady in charge came by a couple of times and checked if I needed help, but they were really good and listened well. [It really just depends on the day, the kids, and whatever other circumstances are up… I’ve had three 2-year-olds with a helper before, and they were crazy, but then I’ve also had nine 2-year-olds by myself, and they were perfect.]

So on Sunday, these 3 & 4 year olds colored… for half an hour! That is no exaggeration. I had never ever had any class where they colored for that long.

They were coloring these pictures that looked a little something like this:


Not exactly, but that’s close enough to give an idea of what it looked like.

Now.. if you saw that picture, especially around Christmas time, what would you automatically think it was?

I am going to assume you would think it is a shepherd… Am I right?

Well, half the kids colored the picture to look something like this:


They colored it more, with the clothes and all, but this was the part that really caught my eye.

If you just saw this picture, who would you say this person is now?

There was a red one too. And the handle was black, not gray, but.. well, you know how you can never find a black crayon? — I was having that problem when I made this.

Now, I don’t know what everybody else sees in this picture, but I personally see a Jedi. I bet you didn’t know there were Jedis at the stable…

Glancing back at the original, uncolored picture though, can’t you see the Jedi in it now? I just would never have thought to look at it in that way. I love to see things like this shepherd picture, things that I wouldn’t normally give a second thought, through the eyes and imagination of a little child.