“every year at Christmas all i can see
are pictures of the things i want around the tree
but this year’s a little different
i’m not thinking of myself
so my prayer for this Christmas
is for somebody else

so i pray
joy to the world
peace for every boy and girl
hope when life is hard
light when everything seems dark

God, i know you’re listening and You can hear
the need of every broken heart and all their tears 
i don’t have a lot to offer
just this one simple prayer
that this Christmas everyone would know
somebody cares…

i  pray that every hungry soul
will be filled and will be warm
that not a single, solitary child
would suffer harm
and wars would find their ending
as we take another view
my hope is that this Christmas prayer
would somehow come true 

i pray humanity would rise and join with me
and together we’ll sing
joy to the world…

i pray that every hungry soul
will be filled and will be warm
that not a single solitary child
would suffer harm

and Lord we find their ending
as we take another view
my hope is that this Christmas prayer
would somehow come true

joy to the world
peace for every boy and girl”

~ “joy to the world (a Christmas prayer)”… by nicholas jonas, at age 11

Think of how we could change the world if we all took on this kind of attitude…

I’ve not been around all that much lately — Christmas baking, shopping, finishing up the final details of my semester project last week, cleaning, etc. So everything to write about has been just piling up.

Anyway.. I first heard this song several years ago.. before the Jonas Brothers were a band, and I fell in love with it.

I guess you could view it as a “feel-good” song, but I really don’t. The way I see this song — besides as an amazing offering from an eleven-year-old — is that it is a challenge for me to take on a selfless way of life. Instead of going after something for myself, can’t I put my focus on doing things for others? Can’t I spend my time serving other people? Not ignoring those people on the corner or the guy sitting in front of Wal-Mart with the Salvation Army bucket, ringing his bell. Not passing by each person without so much as glancing at them. Everyone is in need of something, and I can do a little to help out.

For one thing, I can pray for them. No matter where I am or what I am doing. Whether or not I have money… because it doesn’t cost anything to pray. The only thing about prayer though.. is that it’s easy to let prayer get to be an excuse for not doing anything else. I need to pray for others, but I need to physically help out too. Love with actions and in truth, not just with the words that I say [1 John 3:16-18].

There are so many organizations we can give to… Coins really do add up. I never keep them in my purse, but always put them in a bank or in the buckets in front of Wal-Mart.. isn’t that the least I can do? I personally sponsor a little Nica boy [if you’re not familiar with the term, “Nica” means “Nicaraguan”… they call themselves Nicas down there] from the village where my group and I spent most of our time when we were there in June 2006. [Anybody looking for a place to serve in this sort of way.. see the sidebar on my blog.. I’ve got links to several organizations there, listed under “make a difference”.]

You know.. even if it is just a smile, that is something we can all give to everyone. It is amazing how many people will smile back at you. Trust me. Try it and see. And ya never know.. it might be just the bright spot they needed in their day. 🙂

If an eleven-year-old kid can come up with a song like this and start an organization to help homeless and neglected children.. can’t I do something too?

Be joyful.. When you are joyful, it will spill over into all your life, because that’s just how joy is. That’s what it does. So share your joy.

Joy to you!