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The Challenger blew up 22 years ago today… I know because it happened on my 2nd birthday. In thinking about the not-so-pleasant things that happen to people, it ran across my mind how easy it is to give up when we run into obstacles.

People involved in the space program had big dreams. There was a teacher on board that space shuttle, a teacher who wanted to get involved in an issue that was important to the world. That was a big dream.. one that ended in death..

Martin Luther King, Jr. had big dreams too. He also died…

But look at where we are today. Look at how many people have been in space now. Look at how black and white people are able to interact in our world.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to or think it should.. but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream and dream big. Even though those dreams may not take the course we originally dream up.

Don’t let anybody look down on you, telling you you’re too young [or too old] to dream the way you do. Instead, be an example to those around you in the way you live and love [1 Timothy 4:12]. Don’t ever give up, and don’t feel inferior.

Over the past several months, I’ve been going through this ordeal with my church. We don’t have a college-age class — we used to, but it became taken over by people who are closer to my parents’ age than to mine. I have absolutely nothing against these people.. I so love each of them. But.. there’s no place currently where I feel as though I can bring friends my age and have them feel like they belong.

In an attempt to change these circumstances we’ve talked with the pastors and many other people.. Somehow the leadership doesn’t think there is a need for a college-age class. I guess it’s because so many of our college-age students have left because they felt left out.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a sweet man [who happens to be one of the main custodians] offered to just set up some chairs for me in the foyer area during the Sunday school hour. He told me to invite people and just get it going that way.

So I did.

The first Sunday we had four people, including myself and my sister. The second we had six… and subtracting one from the first week, that meant we had three new people. 

It’s not a “class”.. not yet. But we’re getting there. We don’t have a teacher yet, so we just picked a book/chapter and started reading and discussing together. 

So I’m dreaming big on my birthday this year… People might not always agree with me, and I might end up left out. Things may not turn out how I think they should. But I’m dreaming anyway.

And I’m making this my aim… “… be sure to fear the LORD and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you.” [1 Samuel 12:24, NIV]