I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. Never have.

Nothing against them, it’s just not something I personally do. I guess I am more the type of person to set a goal for myself — at any point during the year.. and then just go with it.

A new goal of mine.. well, okay, I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but I never actually started it until now.. my goal is to learn Spanish.

Not through a class or anything, but just on my own. 

I used a program in high school.. for Japanese though, not Spanish. It was great, but.. this time I’m just going for it on my own. I’m sure there are youtube videos that can help out with it, I’ve got some Latin American music, and I fairly recently bought some Spanish/English dictionaries and conversation-Spanish books. Plus there’s always other internet sources and the library..

The only Spanish I know, I learned during the nine days or so that I spent in Nicaragua.. I mean, sure, I already knew “si” and “gracias” and “uno, dos, tres..” [forgive my Spanish spelling].. But anything else I know [which honestly isn’t much], I learned there.

So.. my goal? To really learn some Spanish. More than my age and a simple “How old are you?”.. “bathroom”.. “see ya tomorrow”.. “no more”.. Yeah. I want to really learn it. Be able to actually carry on a decent conversation.

Ambitious, I know. 😉 But I tend to like a challenge like that. It’ll be so great. And then when I go back to Nicaragua [notice I say when and not if..], I’ll be able to understand at least a little more of what the Nicas are saying to me.