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“i wanna set the world on fire
until it’s burning bright for You
it’s everything that i desire
can i be the one You use?

i, i am small but
You, You are big enough
i, i am weak but
You, You are strong enough to
take my dreams
come and give them wings
Lord with You
there’s nothing i cannot do
nothing i cannot do

i wanna feed the hungry children
and reach across the farthest land
and tell the broken there is healing
and mercy in the Father’s hands

my hands my feet
my everything
my life, my love
Lord, use me

i wanna set the world on fire
i wanna set the world on fire, yeah
i’m gonna set the world on fire
set the world on fire…”

~ “set the world on fire”.. by britt nicole

How can I do it — how can I really have a part in setting the world on fire? Sure, I’ve been on missions trips… 7, at this point, to be exact. I sponsor a little boy in Nicaragua. I’m involved in ministry in quite a few different aspects of church — Awana, MOPS, VBS, *trying* to get this new little Sunday school class started, filling in for early childhood Sunday school teachers.. you get the idea..

Still I can’t seem to drop the idea that there has to be something else I can do. Some way I can reach out to people I don’t know, people who might not ever set foot inside the church.. at least not until someone takes the first step and finally reaches out.

The comment left for me a couple weeks ago still has been really getting to me. What can I do? How can I help others? I don’t want to just pretend I don’t see these people who are hurting and just needing someone to love them.

So when I checked my email just now and found a list of ideas to just be randomly kind to people.. it really caught my eye. It included ideas like this…

  • Help pull cars out of the snow
  • Park at the far end of a parking lot so others can use the close spots
  • Help someone into the building in bad weather
  • Pump fuel for someone so they stay in their warm car
  • Purchase stamps and give to someone for cards
  • Sweep sidewalks
  • Pay for meal at restaurant/fast food place
  • Wash someone’s car at the carwash
  • Plow a driveway
  • Pay for gas at the pump
  • Make dinner for a family
  • Deliver “dinner in a basket” to a family
  • Carry groceries for someone
  • Take coffee and donuts to a business
  • Check and fill oil for somebody’s car
  • Have pizza delivered to a family (paid by you)
  • Leave a roll of quarters at the Laundromat
  • Leave a large tip for a waiter or waitress
  • Pay for a stranger’s dry cleaning
  • Pay a bill for a stranger

Imagine if we each set out to put into action even just one of these ideas a week.. Think of how much it would get us thinking about somebody other than ourselves. Think of the impact we could have — on everyone involved.

As we begin to care for other people instead of only ourselves, our hearts become softer and more open to love. We’re learning to love others through practical acts of kindness.

At our Campus Crusade Bible study yesterday at school, one of the staff members mentioned something that’s really been impressed on her heart lately.. about how to practically put others’ needs above her own. Like if she needed a new stove and so did her friend, and she only had enough money for one stove.. she should go and buy the stove for the other girl. And then she said that she knows she honestly would most likely go and buy the stove for herself instead though. Because we all have this desire and feel like we need to look out for our own selves, when all we really need to do is love God and love others [Matthew 22:37-40]. And through that love, just have this incredible trust that God will meet our needs, and know that we don’t have to rely on our own means to meet our needs.

Everyone is in need of something. Even if it’s just a bit of kindness and love.

Okay.. ready? Set.. Let’s go!