“the tv is talking
the telephone’s ringing
the lights are all on
and the radio’s screaming
a million distractions
are stealing my heart from You
i’m tired and empty
this life is relentless
it weakens my knees
and it breaks my defenses
it’s wearing me down
and i’m desperate to hear from You
stop the world
i wanna get out
i need an escape
away from this crowd
just to hear You speak to me
i need to be still
before i make a move
i need to be humble
with nothing to prove
i need Your Word
to show me the truth
and i need time, precious time
stop the world
i wanna get out
i need an escape
away from this crowd
just to hear You speak to me
stop the world
i’m ready to listen
show me a sign
give me a vision of heaven
i can hold onto
stop the world
i need some time with You
i need to hear Your voice
above all the senseless noise…”

~ “stop the world”.. by matthew west

The distractions get so huge sometimes… everything around me gets in the way of what I need to have my life focused on.

I’ve been reading in Nehemiah lately. I’m up to about chapter four…

Nehemiah saw something that needed done, he prayed about it, and he set out to accomplish it. He was so.. intentional about his life and his work, about serving God. He wanted to get the wall rebuilt around Jerusalem, and he enlisted the help of so many others to make it happen. It is really an amazing story. As I have been reading it, it has fascinated me to see all the different kinds of people who worked together to rebuild the wall. There were priests and goldsmiths and rulers, just to name a few… and there was one guy who chapter three said rebuilt a portion of the wall with the help of his daughters. That one really caught my attention, because it was so atypical for that time to have girls be involved in much of anything.

But anyway.. my point is just this: Nehemiah saw a need. He set aside all the distractions around him. And he went to God. He prayed, and he prayed in a very humble fashion. “My people have done wicked things. And this includes me. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t done anything myself. But You promise that You’ll hear us and forgive us. When we seek You, we’ll find You. And so here I am, confessing what I’ve done, and asking You to forgive me,” says Nehemiah in chapter one.

I want to pray like Nehemiah did. I want to take that time out from all the noise and commotion surrounding me. Anything that serves to distract. I want to just take that time, to be still, to spend with God alone. And.. I know that God can and will do amazing things through a willing heart that is seeking after Him. I’m excited for what He wants to do and for how He wants to use me.