Do you ever get caught up in yourself or your own agenda? Not even necessarily to be selfish, but just out of human instinct? I do. Much as I hate to say that, I know it’s true.

It’s so much a part of life to just let even the tiniest bit of pride and selfishness slip in. That’s the way life goes. And to look around and see all the “me-focused” billboards and other ads.. it is exactly what the society we live in wants us to think. They sell more stuff that way.

A friend left me this comment a few days ago: “… you are the most honest blogger I know…” Talk about a humbling comment. It really made me take a step back and reexamine my heart. Because I know I love feedback.. but that isn’t why I write. I write because there’s just something in me that needs to be shared, and if I neglected to share it, I wouldn’t be making the most of my life.. I would be instead keeping silent about what God puts in my heart.

Openness, honesty.. complete, utter realness… that is the way to keep away pride. Because we all mess up. We all do wrong things. And if we’re honest with each other, with our mess-ups out in the open, there can be no place for pride to hide out.

Last spring a lady came to graduation… A single mother with a teenage son that she has some trouble with, she’s a lady with some health and financial issues. She didn’t have any family graduating or anything. But she came anyway. She came for two of my co-tutors and myself. This lady came to find us all in the reception following the ceremony, and it really touched my heart that she thought that much of us, that she would come to our graduation. I didn’t even feel like I’d been able to help her all that much. I remember reading over papers with her, then sending her back through her sources multiple times to see what was an opinion and what was a fact. I remember showing her examples of what a complete sentence is. And then I saw her at graduation… She thought that much of us. To come and be a part of that with us. That is so humbling for me.

So I’m not really sure where exactly I’m going with this. I guess my point is just this:

Being honest.. in words, actions, motives, heart.. that keeps me humble. Because it’s so easy to get caught up with selfishness and pride.. and if I keep that honest realness in my life.. then that’s all there’s room for.

When I’m finally in that place of humility where I so need to be, God is going to make my life significant [James 4:10].