This past Friday night, I babysat my four favorite kids in the world. Three boys and a girl. Ages 10 1/2, 8, almost 5, and 2. We always have good times together, and Friday was no exception..

We raced cars around the basement [crawling behind our cars.. Eli, the almost-five-year-old, is SO much faster than me! and I ripped a hole in the knee of my blue jeans.. but they were old anyway].

We “cooked” in Liz’s kitchen.. she grilled some waffles for us and made some coffee… [hey, she’s 2!]

Josh showed me this game he was playing where all these characters come flying at the screen and go SPLAT!

We listened to some Jonas Brothers, the Wiggles, Veggie Tales, and Mickey Mouse.. ate pizza and brownies.. later on we made popcorn for while we watched “Finding Nemo”..

We played some football.. as in one of us threw the squishy football to another one, who ran around the basement and tried to dive for the Ohio State blanket on the floor before getting tackled by the others. Well, I’m not athletic at all.. sports just have never been my thing [unless you’re talking about carpetball or fooseball… air hockey.. mini golf.. that sort of thing].. and when I actually got a “touchdown” ~ Eli said, “I can’t believe it!” [um, thanks Eli!..] 😉 

Caleb told me about the Eragon book he’s reading..

And they are just the best kids. They listen and behave. They get along well for the most part.

And besides all that.. they are hilarious! When I got there, Liz and Eli were standing at the front door watching for me through the glass.. then they started jumping up and down! Eli told his mom he was disappointed they were leaving because they were going to miss all the fun — I told ya they’re fun kids! 🙂

It’s so exciting to have people looking up to me.. loving it when I come over.. hating when it’s time for me to go home.. ecstatic to show off every little thing to me..

It’s so exciting, and it’s such a privilege. At the same time, it’s a huge responsibility. Because they’re watching me. They see me as so great.. and it makes me want to be better than I ever could be.. follow God ever so much closer than I ever would imagine possible.. because they look up to me and want to be like me.

And it’s so worth the hole in my jeans!