“When you sent me out that day so boldly to change the world, did you really think there wouldn’t be a cost?” — Luther

As I sat there watching “Luther” one night recently, this line really stood out to me and echoed in my mind. How often have I made up my mind to go out and follow after my Jesus.. only to find that I really never even thought about what it could cost me?

During our small group on Sunday nights, we’ve been having some very controversial discussions.. on topics that we definitely don’t all agree on. Last night I could see it on the face of one of the guys there — and hear it both in his voice and his statements — that he thought everybody on my end of the discussion was so naive. He’s married, probably in his thirties. So yeah.. in a completely different stage of life from those of us who took the other side of the debate.

So maybe some people don’t agree with some of the ideas I come up with. Maybe not everyone considers the same things to be important that I do. [Not to say that they’re wrong and I’m right, or the other way around — I think it’s just a different way of looking at life and following Christ.]

But it doesn’t matter. The only one whose thoughts on my ideas, words, and actions I really need to pay attention to is God. Others’ opinions of me shouldn’t matter to the point of making me change what I do or say just so we can be in agreement.

Following Christ has a cost.

People are not always going to like me or agree with everything I say. They may even look down on me for thinking certain ways.

As long as I am following Christ though.. I can’t let that bother or change me. And I can’t expect there to not be a cost.

Martin Luther couldn’t stand to see what the church had become, so he set about to make a difference.. to change his world. And.. I believe we’re all called to make a stand like he did. No matter what the cost might be.