I watched [part of] that democratic presidential candidate debate last week… Then the phone rang, and I spent the next half-hour or so talking with one of my cousins and really not caring all that about what I was missing on the television.

So.. I don’t know who you’re voting for.. or who you voted for.. or if you are even planning on voting at all. Maybe you never ever vote. Lots of people have told me they never vote.

Maybe there are no candidates left who you can support. But we all have the responsibility as Americans to vote.. for somebody.

Even if there isn’t one person left who you want to vote for, please go out and vote for someone. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they can’t, in good conscience, vote for any of the people [left in the] running. Yeah.. well, I can see that.

Personally though, I figure I have been given both the privilege and the responsibility to vote. Even when all the people I really wanted are gone. I’ve got to vote for somebody.. whoever I dislike the least, if that makes any sense. The “lesser of two [or however many] evils”.. so to speak. Because somebody is going to get in no matter what.. so I have to do my part by voting for the best of what I’ve got to choose from.

We just had the primaries in Ohio yesterday. And I voted on the way to school/work.

Please, please, please.. go vote.