“when you come back again
would you bring me something from the fridge?
heard a rumor that the end is near
but i just got comfortable here

let’s be blunt
i’m a little distracted
what do you want?

headaches and bad faith
are all that i’ve got
first i misplaced the ending
then i lost the plot…

once we could follow
now we cannot
you would not fit our image
so we lost the plot

once we could hear you
now our senses are shot
we’ve forgotten our first love
we have lost the plot

when i saw you for the first time
you were hanging with a thief
and i knew my hands were dirty
and i dropped my gaze
then you said i was forgiven
and you welcomed me with laughter
i was happy ever after
i was counting the days
when you’d come back again

we’ll be waiting for you
when you comin’ back again?
we’ll be ready for you
maybe we’ll wake up when..
you come back again

let’s be blunt
we’re a little unfaithful
what do you want?

are you still listening?
’cause we’re obviously not
we’ve forgotten our first love
we have lost the plot

and why are you still calling?
you forgave, we forgot
we’re such experts at stalling
that we’ve lost the plot…”

~ “lost the plot”.. there’s nothing like classic newsboys

It’s amazing the impact a few little words can have on someone.. I found these words really getting to me over these past few days. They started me thinking about how I find myself forgetting sometimes what it’s all about.. what life itself is for.

As I go through the day, I wonder how many times I really think about what I’m doing. I’ve got a list of tasks that I want to accomplish, and I set out to accomplish them.. never letting it cross my mind how many minutes I waste. Or even.. not necessarily waste, but just that I don’t use for the good of somebody besides myself.

It is so natural to get caught up in whatever captures my attention.. and to forget what I really need to be focusing on.

Not that the time-fillers I envelop myself in are bad things, but.. when anything becomes my focus aside from God and honestly just simply serving Him.. I have lost the plot. I’ve forgotten my first love. I’ve let it slip my mind why I’m here in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want to get so wrapped up in the stupid little things that don’t matter that I lose track of what does matter. I don’t want to be so comfortable with where I am in life that I lose my excitement over God’s amazing forgiveness and love, or so calloused that I no longer catch what He’s teaching me.

If I lose the plot, then I’ve forgotten the whole purpose of life anyway. And who wants to live a purposeless life? There’s no joy in that.