“you don’t understand
this is not what you think it is
you don’t get it, man
you want to boil it down to show biz
your in-depth research shows:
drop the God, emphasize the beat
i’ve heard that positive pop you dig —
i’d rather be buried in wet concrete
take back your free advice
i don’t accept
i will not play those games
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

you don’t understand
i’m not talking multiple choice
you don’t get it, man
if the cross offends you, find another voice
i am not running for office here
i won’t keep it purposefully vague
i’ve heard new age life-force trip
i’d rather be dipped in bubonic plague

take back your free advice
i don’t accept
i will not play those games
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

faith ain’t easy to understand
when a bird in the bush beats two in the hand
the truth ain’t nothin you taste and hide
you gotta get up, put up, get off your backside

if we keep silent
if we mass defect
these very rocks will scream
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

and would i wash my hands again?
would i deny my Savior when
He hung inside the public square?
did not my silence put Him there?”

~ “God is not a secret”.. by the newsboys

So I work with an athiest guy. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this fact before, but it’s quite an interesting situation we’ve got here. He’s very friendly, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him over the past few months.

We’ve actually had some really good conversations. One day a few weeks ago, he was asking me about different things I believe. We talked about Adam and Eve, and about Cain and Abel. He was even the one to bring up that topic.

Some of the questions he has asked me have been subjects that people debate over and over, just going in circles… but I made it a point to tell him that I am not going to pretend to have all the answers. I won’t make up something just so as to have an answer to give him. And I won’t debate it with him… I’ll discuss, but I won’t debate, because I really don’t believe arguing about stuff is the way to go, and that’s the only thing that a debate would bring about.

Anyway, I think it was last week sometime that an email went out around my school/work. It said that a bunch of video games and electronic equipment had been stolen from the student lounge. When we came in to work, this guy asked me if I’d seen that email… and one of the best conversations followed.

I had the opportunity to sit there talking with a self-proclaimed athiest — about right and wrong, stealing, pirating, etc. It was amazing.

These conversations with him have set me thinking about how I have to take advantage of the opportunities I’m given. God is not secret to be kept, and I cannot sit here acting like He is. I can’t know the difference I might make in someone’s life.. a difference that I can only make if I share what I believe. Sometimes that means very specifically sharing the gospel with people I meet, while other times sharing God might mean sharing a smile. It depends on the opportunity I am given in each situation. But I have to be ready and willing to go for it.

“But in your hearts set Christ apart as holy [and acknowledge Him] as Lord. Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.” [1 Peter 3:15, Amplified Bible]

I have to be ready and willing, and I’ve got to make sure my life adds up to what I claim to believe.