“Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock…” — Miley Cyrus

Do ya think she’s got something there?

We’ve been reading Ecclesiastes at our Campus Crusade Bible study this semester… and although I’ve read it in the past, I guess I never had really spent all that much time in this book.

Life isn’t meant to be all about just having fun. We were made to work. But God also made us to enjoy that work, as well as what we work for.

To spend our whole lives chasing after things that cannot be caught is so pointless — wasting time trying to buy more and better [or so we think] possessions that will take up more time in our already insanely busy lives. People have been chasing the wind and other nonsensical stuff since the we were created. And so there’s “nothing new under the sun”…

I’ve got to be a friend. Honor God with my life. Be excited to work for and earn what I get. Never take even one second for granted. Mean what I say. Treat others how I would want to be treated.

Life’s what you make it.. we were made to live, love, give, and work — not so as to gain more materially, but to show us how to really enjoy and make the most of what we have. Those who are obsessed with money and wealth never have enough.. but it is the people who know how little that kind of thing really matters that really enjoy life.

When I’m not weighed down by the need to always go for the bigger and better, but instead focusing my life on serving.. it is then that I find God’s joy. It’s in the attitude with which I choose to go about my life. It’s in my outlook.

I have the ability to make life enjoyable or not… through the good times and the not-so-good, I can choose to have a smile or not.