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“i shouldn’t have to tell you who i am
’cause who i am should be speaking for itself
’cause if i am who i, i want to be
then who you see won’t even be me
oh the more and more i disappear
the more and more He becomes clear

’til everyone i talk to hears His voice
and everything i touch feels the warmth of His hand
’til everyone i meet
sees Jesus in me
this is all i wanna be
i wanna be mistaken
for Jesus
oh i wanna be mistaken

do they only see who we are
when who we are should be pointing them to Christ
’cause we are who He chose to use
to spread the news
of the way, the truth and the life
oh i want all i am to die
so all He is can come alive

…oh i need to be mistaken
for You
Lord i wanna be mistaken

may He touch with my hands
see through my eyes
may He speak through my lips
live through my life

i want Him to
i want Him to live..”

~ “mistaken”.. by warren barfield.. whose self-titled debut I recently bought on ebay… I love ebay…

To be mistaken for Jesus.. That is a different kind of concept, isn’t it? I know we’re supposed to look like Jesus in the way that we live, but I guess I had never really considered it in these terms before hearing this song. As I heard these words though, I thought about the truth of them. And I thought about how they have been true or false in my own life.

When I started going to college, I made this decision that I wanted to.. not be a secret Christian, but.. to I guess conduct an experiment. I was not going to go around saying openly that I was a Christian, but rather, I wanted to become aware of how people could see God in my life.

So many people have distorted views of God and of Christians, and I did not want to be automatically shoved into that lump of stereotyped “Christians”. I decided, rather, that I wanted the chance to make my own testimony for myself. I chose to show people through my life.. through my actions, through my words.. even through the topics of my papers and presentations.

I figured that if I was really living as Jesus lived, it would show. It should be obvious in my life. So obvious that I should not have to spell it out, going around saying, “Hi, my name’s Tara, and I’m a Christian”.. Others need to be able to just see it in the way that I live and love.

And if they can’t see it, then there’s something terribly wrong on my part.

Because if I claim to live in Christ, I’ve got to live as Jesus lived. [1 John 2:5-6] The Bible says that that’s how we know we’re in Him.. if we claim Him, we have to live like Him. There needs to be fruit in my life, showing that I am a disciple of Jesus. A follower of Christ. [John 15:8]

Know what I found out? I discovered that people really do notice when you’re different from everybody else.

I’ve also learned so much about how a transformed life looks. How it’s not so much about keeping the rules as it is about our heart. It is about loving God and loving others. If we’re living out those two commands, the rest will follow because¬†we cannot truly love as He commanded and demonstrated without our lives reflecting Jesus.

And so.. through the way I love others honestly… through the way I live my life.. I want to be mistaken for Jesus.

I want to be one that lives in such a way that when others see my life, they take a second look because that is just what Jesus does to people.

“…may He touch with my hands
see through my eyes
may He speak through my lips
live through my life…”