“hear the cry, tearful eyes
can’t deny and wish it all away
will the pain ever change?
if we save love for another day
this is the time
for us to see the vision
now is the time
to break the silence and
love out loud
let your loving be your voice
love out loud
together we can make some noise
love out loud
without fear
sing a song and let the whole world hear
love out loud
be His hands, be His feet
be the people we are called to be
take His love to the streets
show compassion to a soul in need
this is the time to break the silence and
love out loud…
hush, listen to my heart
can you hear me crying out
willing to believe
that touch is loving more than words
it’s living out for all to see
the light that shines through me…”

~ “love out loud”.. by jaci velasquez

This has been getting to me lately… It’s such a recurring theme, but I think it pretty much needs to be that way. It’s an ever-present issue, and as a result, it is constantly something that we need to be looking at. 

Loving out loud is something we all need to do. Not to live in a way that waters down the Bible. Not to be “soft on sin”.. Neither of those are love. Not real love, anyway. Some may live that way and call it love.. but it isn’t.

But we’ve got to at least be willing and make the effort to go out and meet other people where they are. There are so many people who would never set their foot inside the door of a church.. not for anything. No matter what sort of outreach activities we have to try to draw them in. And really.. can you blame a lot of them?

If I were in their shoes.. if I were the one “on the outside”, as they feel, if it looked to me like there was no way I could be forgiven or loved after whatever it was I had done.. would I ever dream of going and visiting a church? One of those buildings where “Christians” go and huddle in their little groups, never turning their head to see that I’d even walked in?

Honestly.. no, I wouldn’t. Would you?

Procrastinating just doesn’t work. We can’t save love for another day.. we’ve got to live love now.

Love is a verb. It’s an action word. It has to be lived out in action.

Jesus lived loved.. and I want to be like Him. And so, I am challenging us all — you and me alike — to live and love as Jesus loved. Not making up our own definitions of what love is, but loving just like Jesus.

“… if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in Him: Anyone who claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.” [1 John 2:5-6, NIV]

Be sure to watch the video, okay?