A friend and I were talking during our Bible study on Wednesday about how it’s so naturally human of us to pray for what is comfortable to us. You know, like when people say “don’t pray for patience!”.. because some situation will come up where you’ll need to have patience.. and that generally means it *probably* won’t be the most comfortable of circumstances.

My friend made the comment that.. if we’ve committed to following Christ, if we’ve honestly given our hearts to Him.. that means we want to be like Him, right? And.. if we want to be like Him and really seek and follow after Him, doesn’t that mean that we should take on His characteristics? Doesn’t it mean that we should embrace those circumstances that make us more like Him, that we should take advantage of them and learn and grow through these experiences?

We talked about how it’s so easy to pray all the little comfortable and safe prayers.. “Thank you for this day”.. “Keep me safe today, God”.. “Take away this hard time”.. “Don’t make me go talk to that person I don’t know”.. And I’m not saying at all that praying for safety or thanking God for today is a bad thing. Not at all.

But it is when our prayers are so me-focused, rather than being focused on Him.. the One we’re praying to in the first place.. that our lives go askew.. When those are the only prayers we pray, and when we don’t ask God to grow us stronger in our faith.

When we don’t pray for something because it might be hard, it’s time to stop, take a step or two back, and examine our hearts and priorities.

“..show me Your glory
send down Your presence
i want to see Your face
show me Your glory
majesty shines about You
i can’t go on without You, Lord..”
— “show me Your glory”.. by third day

Shouldn’t we be eager to see His face, to go through whatever it takes to be more like our Savior? We need to long for our time with God, to be desperate for it in our lives.. And we need to be honestly praying for God’s will to be done.. not our own. Avoiding praying for something because it might be hard doesn’t cut it. It won’t make us into the real Christians we are called to be. All that will do is make us into comfortable Christians who have no foundation and will crash when the hard times come…

Look at Jesus’ example in Mark. He prayed and poured out His heart to the Father… He wasn’t eager to go through suffering any more than you or I are.. but He prayed this: “Yet not what I will, but what you will.” He knew what was coming.

Sometimes the only way we can really see His presence is through hard times. Sometimes it isn’t. Either way, we need to pray for God to make us into who He wants us to be.. rather than pray according to what we think is the ideal plan for our lives.