“it’s not the end but it feels like it is
i’m waking up like i’m back from the dead
i’m stepping out and it feels so free
but as long as i’m moving it’s alright

i feel alive and it hurts for a change
i’m looking back it’s hard to believe
that i was cool with the days that i wasted
complacent and tasteless and bored
but that was yesterday

we’re never going back to ok
we’re never going back to easy
we’re never going back to the way it was
we’re never going back to ok

this discontent, like a slap in the face 
a mediocre i’ve had enough of this place
this party’s over and i’m moving away
from the frills of your beverly hills
that was yesterday

we’re here to stay
this is our time
my only life
our chance to live..”

~ “never going back to ok”.. by the afters

To be content with just being “okay” is to be content to never grow. It is to be alright with not living out God’s love in practical, visible, tangible ways. And.. to be content with these things is so not right. We’re supposed to be just like Jesus.. demonstrating to the people around us who He really is.

When we truly belong to Him, our life changes, and.. “When a life is changed by the love of Christ, we begin a journey of becoming like Christ. It is displayed inwardly with love, joy, and peace. It is displayed outwardly in lives of integrity and is shown relationally by love and grace.” [clcdayton.com]

So when that evidence is not present in our lives, when His fruit is not growing and being passed on to others by us, we’re settling for something less than the abundant life He came to give us. Settling for the mediocre is being content to never change.

I read this quote by Jon Foreman today…

“I look around and I know there’s a lot in the world that I want to see changed — and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to see things change…and oftentimes, that’s in myself as much as it is in the world around me.”

It’s time for us to recognize in ourselves the need for change, rather than trying to change the world first. When we see that we need to change, it makes it necessary to take hold of that, making an intentional effort to become a better representation of God than we are now.

Before we can change the world, we have to change ourselves.

And we have to be real in it. Not pretending that we have it all together. Just making it obvious that there is a change going on in our lives. A change for good.

This is the only chance I have to live. I can’t go back to okay. I’ve got to make my life count.. and the way to do that is to make sure there is a change in me.