“hey weatherman i don’t understand
i think you said clearly clear skies was the forecast today
but where did they go?
well i’m lookin’ west i see cloudy skies at best
and to the east storm clouds are headed this way
look out here they come
what good does it do me to worry about tomorrow when
it’s all in Your hands so where You lead me i’ll follow

everything is gonna be just fine
you know that nothing can stop me now
rains fallin’ from the sky
but my day is shining bright
this love has gone and turned my world upside down
and it’s gonna be alright

you’re givin’ up down in the dumps
this life’s so rough too tough had enough
all before you get out of bed
get out of your bed
lift up your head my dear friend
this tunnel does have an end
and i think i see light ahead 
i see light ahead
you’re wastin’ your time —
no need to worry about tomorrow
it’s all in His hands He will lead — will you follow?

why won’t you just let it go
stop trying to make it on your own
yeah you’ve got something to live for
this is the love that put the stars in the heavens
this is the love that makes this life worth livin’…”

~ “alright”.. by casting pearls

I think it might look to a lot of people like this is a stormy time. But.. ya know.. I really don’t see it that way.

I’m smiling, and the sun’s shinin’ so brightly through the rain. Because God knows what He’s doing. He always has and always will.

He knew before I ever started attending the 20-somethings class at Christian Life Center that it was just exactly what I needed. He knew how welcomed I would feel there.. how wanted and loved and needed.

It would be easy, I guess, to take on a negative attitude about leaving the church where I’ve been for the past sixteen years.. but all I really have is a smile. Because there’s a reason. It’s time, and this is exactly right. I’m not at home there, haven’t been for a while now. But I am so at home with where I have been for this past month. God knew that I needed to be led there.

The past couple of years have been shifting everything to this point, and it has often made no sense.

When you try to make sense of it all on your own.. life gets so crazy.. so out-of-control. Not to say that life doesn’t get crazy when we let go and trust God with it, because.. life is still crazy. 😉 But the element of trust brings a different aspect to life. Rather than feeling like your world is spinning out of all control, there becomes a peaceful assurance that, although life will always be crazy and it will never be controllable by me, there is Someone who does have the world in His control.

And that means there is no need for me to try to control it myself. My life will never be within my own control, and it takes stepping back and letting go of life to put that knowledge into action. The action is trust.

It’s alright.

Trust the God who put the stars in the heavens to love you just the way you need to be loved. His love makes life worth living. It won’t always make sense at the time, but if life always made sense, just think how often we’d try to take it into our own hands and change the course of our life. It just doesn’t work that way.

So smile. And don’t worry about tomorrow.

He will lead.. will you follow?