Today was campus crusade Bible study day.. The last one of spring semester. The last one. Period.

We’re planning to get something going for summer, but today had this feeling for me of being so.. final.

We all just sat and shared.. about what we’ve learned over this past semester and how we’ve grown.. just whatever’s been on our hearts.

Well, I said something about how great it has been to have this consistent group of people that I’ve been able to meet with every single week. To have three Bible studies a week this semester has been amazing. It has been such an incredible time and way to grow.

So I mentioned that, and then Allison and I shared with the group how we have met with a special needs girl each week and were able to have a Bible study with her this semester. We read through a book about prayer with her and had some great discussions, trying to explore what she understood and what she believed. Yesterday we had the opportunity to continue our conversation from the previous week and go through a little tract with her, and then we got to pray with her as she asked Jesus to forgive her sins and come into her heart and life. It was so sweet and so exciting! 😀

So.. Allison and I shared about that.

And then Tom, the professor who does a lot with our campus crusade group, said something. It was a simple statement, “You’ve been praying for a college group”. At church? Yes. For quite a while. But..

He went on. “I think you’re looking at it.”

Call me slow, but it never occurred to me. Ever. I knew this was an amazing little community of believers. Such a constant group of dear-to-my-heart people. But I guess I was thinking too much inside the box. Because church doesn’t have to be in a building. Church is a group of believers. We are the church.

The look on all of our faces when Tom said that.. “I think you’re looking at it.” — it had to have been quite a sight, because I don’t think it had dawned on any of us that that little group of people was exactly what I’d prayed for and asked them to pray for.

So.. yeah! I am definitely still going to my fabulous new church. 😀 All the time. But we [this dear, close-knit group of people] are also looking at meeting together each week. In a home, at a park.. at a fairly central location. And I am so thrilled.

It was kinda funny, because when it clicked with us all what he meant, we all got so excited. Didn’t get to discuss it a whole lot because I had to go down the hall to work in the Learning Center.. but there was such an excitement that followed Tom’s comment. Because I think none of us really wants to not have that group anymore. There’s a time and place for everything, but it just seems like it isn’t supposed to be over yet. We have this constant need for the fellowship it had been.

Anyway… In two days.. two major answers to prayer. 😀

God is so very, very good.