So when your first day looks like this…

*Don’t know exactly where you’re going.. just goin’ by google maps.. have to love those!! 😉

*Since ya don’t know where you’re going, you’re in the wrong lane when you get to Walgreens.. so you have to drive past it and find someplace to turn around..

*You start learning the prices of everything..

*It’s rather cool out for the beginning of May..

*Some random creepy-weird guy comes up and says, “Hey, will you go on a date with me?” and just keeps standing there babbling on and on.. [just to clarify here.. I definitely told him I don’t date! To which he said, “Aw, why not? You should try it. It’s fun.” …. Please, please, please go away, creepy-weird guy.]

*You try to be polite to the random creepy-weird guy as he babbles about nonsense and finally just ignore him as you thank God [almost out loud!] for your new customer who walks up..

*You get a phone call from your friend who’s taken her dad to therapy.. checking on how your first day’s going.. and she asks if it’s raining where you are.. which it isn’t, so you get kinda worried that she called you to ask about rain.

*The rain starts.. well.. maybe I should say the hurricane starts. Rain blows across the parking lot and you drag your chair to the furthest corner of the tent, trying to stay dry..

*and it’s working for the most part.. until some crazy person walks up in the middle of the pouring rain, so you get up to help them.. and your chair gets soaked.

*After the rain stops and you’re stuck standing up in that same corner of the tent.. this rather, um, interesting character walks up..

*and you ask him how you can help him, only to discover that..

*he doesn’t talk..

*He just points to stuff..

*and then your friend and her dad drive up just as the wordless man is leaving.. and they explain to you that this guy really can talk.. he just doesn’t talk.

*He always just comes up and points to stuff, so they let him pick something out..

… Yeah.. when your first day looks like that, you are kind of at the point where you know that you really shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

So that was a couple of weeks ago now. I’ve worked quite a few days at the produce stand in Sidney, and this coming week we’re opening the stand in Piqua.

With all the craziness of my first day and all, I just had to smile. Count it all joy. The good times and the odd or bad.. or whatever other kind. 😉

Like I commented at campus crusade a couple weeks ago.. don’t live for fun.. but have fun while you live. Enjoy your life. Even the everyday stuff? Yes. Especially. That’s what makes up most of life. So enjoy it and live with a smile. 😀