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“It is of no use to seek the woods from any motive except sheer love of them; they will find us out at once and hide all their sweet, old-world secrets from us. But if they know we come to them because we love them, they will be very kind to us and give us such treasures of beauty and delight as are not bought or sold in any market-place.” ~ L. M. Montgomery, The Blue Castle

I ran across this passage in The Blue Castle yesterday.. [I have gotten so much reading in lately, between customers at the market.. it’s a lot for me these days, anyway..] and I suppose it jumped out to me for multiple reasons.

For one thing, I just like going into the woods. There’s a nature place just a few minutes from my home, and wandering on the trails there is always a good time. There are so many different plants and bugs and all to see, and I love it.

Montgomery’s quote is so true though.. To just take a trip into the woods, not really seeking to enjoy them, is no good. If you want to see the magic God has created within them, if you want to be enthralled with the amazingness of it all, then you’ve got to go in loving them.

And the same is true with all of life.

You can go through life not really knowing — or even caring — why you’re here, making sure to to complain about every twist in your plans and take every opportunity to be bored.

Or you can embrace life, living with a sparkle in your eyes, waiting with anticipation for whatever the next bend in the road might bring.. you can intentionally live your every moment and go about the mundane with a joyful heart that shines out to others. It’s the same as seeking the woods out of sheer love for them. When you look for God’s blessings in life, you will find them everywhere, and when you look for something to have a bad attitude about, that’s all you’re going to see.

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” — John 10:10, Amplified Bible

God wants us to have life that overflows.. life lived to the full. He wants us to enjoy it. And.. to go about life hating everything is just the opposite. We’re just out there to steal and kill and destroy.. and to trample joy.

Be in love with Jesus, and in love with life..