“i tried to write a song, and keep it 3 minutes long
get in, get out, nobody gets hurt
and i tried a thousand times to fit God between the lines
but i’m finding out that doesn’t really work

i just don’t have the words to say, ‘cause words only get in my way 
i must apologize, i have the hardest time
finding something to define a God that I can’t define
and even if i could, it would take way too long
if all i’ve got’s a 3 minute song

i’ve got a hundred metaphors, and if i had a million more 
i could never ever seem to sum this up
besides, how can some melody communicate eternity?
it’s like trying to fit the ocean in a cup

i’ll never find the words to say ‘cause words only get in the way 
i would like to dumb this down to 3 chords, or maybe 4
but i’ve tried and i can’t and i won’t cause there will always be more
so i apologize, i can’t seem to get it right..”

~ “3 minute song”.. by josh wilson

This song came on the radio tonight on my way home.. As I listened to the words, the thought crossed my mind how our society — and even the church.. especially the American church — tries so hard to “dumb it down”.

Thoughts of God are so simplified, which really is the opposite of what they should be. Not that we need to go and make His love complicated. But to try to define God is to put Him in a box.

And yet.. this is what we do. All of us. To the point that we feel we have to apologize when we can’t find the words to describe what we want to say about God. Think about it though.. He’s God. The Creator of all the world.. of the entire solar system and beyond.. of atoms and molecules.. of flowers and animals.. insects and the air we breathe.. He made everything we know and so much more that we don’t. He loves. He gives. He creates. He is just. He is truth. He’s indescribable. And yet with all His indescribability.. we think we can go and write a little book or song or whatever and say “this is God, this is who God is”.. and have it be just exactly right.

All the metaphors and similes we could concoct would not be enough to say who God really is.

And so I love this song. Josh says he “can’t seem to get it right”.. none of us can, can we? We have to always keep studying and learning and growing. Because we are never going to know all there is to know about God. We are never going to be able to describe Him perfectly.

We have to just know Him. And to truly know Him brings a realization of how little we really do know.

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