So I was working at the produce stand today.. okay, well every day this week. It’s been a hot week, and kinda slow as far as business goes. Tuesday was my slowest day ever. And today I drank four liters of water.

Anyway, with the slowness comes time to read. A lot. Which is nice except for the lack of business it means.

And so I’ve been reading a lot this week. I’ve been reading in Joshua, as well as Ted Dekker’s latest, Sinner.

At one point this afternoon, I saw some customers walking over, so I set down what I was reading. Well, when the last of the two or three [yeah, I go forever with nobody coming and then they all come at once!] was ready to go, she looked at me and said with a smile, “You’re a very good witness.”

I think I said, “What?”…

And so she pointed to my open Bible setting there on the table, and she said it again, “I saw your Bible there. You’re a very good witness. Keep smiling.”


That is quite somethin’ for a stranger to tell ya. But oh-so-good.

I pray that is the same picture I give to everyone. That someone who doesn’t know Jesus but sees my open Bible setting there would see a difference in me and wonder what it is.

This sweet little old lady made my day.